Saferich tires Review: What are Best Saferish Tires For 2023

If you’re in the market for new tires, you may have come across Saferich tires and are wondering if they are worth the investment. In this article, we will provide an in-depth review of Saferich tires, examining their performance, durability, and overall value for money. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of whether Saferich tires are the right choice for your vehicle.

Saferich tires Review What are Best Saferish Tires
Saferich tires Review

Saferich FRC-26 Review

In our tires review series, the Saferish FRC-26 is first. The Saferich FRC-26 summer tire is designed for use with long-term exposure to high loads. It is characterized by reliable grip properties at high speed, ease of control and stability in turns, braking efficiency on wet surfaces, quiet and smooth running even on “rough” asphalt.

The asymmetric tread pattern is distinguished by the massiveness of the elements, which gives them increased resistance to deformation. Combined with the variable curvature tread profile, this results in excellent traction stability at high speed and easy handling and maneuvering stability. In addition, this combination effectively prevents uneven wear, significantly slowing down this process, and increasing tire mileage.

Key features of the Saferich FRC-26

  • tread profile with variable curvature, massive elements of its pattern improve handling and grip at high speed, prevent uneven wear;
  • enlarged longitudinal grooves, S-shaped drainage elements in the central part effectively prevent hydroplaning;
  • Silica-based rubber compound gives the tire grip on wet surfaces and wear resistance on highly abrasive surfaces.

Saferich FRC-866 Review

Summer tire Saferich FRC-866 is designed for long-term exposure to extremely high loads. It belongs to the Ultra High Performance category, differing in the driving characteristics corresponding to it, ranging from stability at high speed, and ending with the ability to intensively slow down on wet surfaces.

Saferich FRC-866 Review
Saferich FRC-866 Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by the asymmetric arrangement of elements, which largely determines the balanced driving performance of the tire. Another feature is the arrangement and shape of the transverse lamellae, whereby continuous S-shaped transverse edges are formed in the central part. They improve wet traction by cutting through the water film on the road surface and directing excess moisture to one of the longitudinal grooves. Their significant volume allows you to avoid hydroplaning at almost any speed.

Main features of Saferich FRC-866

  • asymmetric tread pattern gives the tire balanced driving properties, improving and complementing most of them;
  • optimized sipe arrangement improves traction and grip on wet surfaces, increases resistance to hydroplaning;
  • Increased wear resistance due to optimized tread profile.

Saferich Arctic STU99 Review

The Saferich Arctic STU99 winter tire for SUVs and crossovers is designed for use in regions with really cold climates. It features improved traction on snow, ice and wet surfaces, braking efficiency, quiet and smooth running.

Saferich Arctic STU99
Saferich Arctic STU99

The tread pattern is distinguished by a wide longitudinal arrow-shaped rib located exactly in its middle. It provides traction stability during high-speed driving, reduces rolling resistance and slows down the process of tread wear. Another feature of its pattern is the increased volume of its grooves. This allows them to easily cope with the removal of not only excess water from under the tire, but also its mixture with snow and road dirt.

Key features of the Saferich Arctic STU99

  • densely cut sipes increase traction and braking efficiency on slippery winter roads;
  • Enlarged grooves intensively remove water and its mixture from the contact patch with snow:
  • Silica-based rubber compound remains elastic at temperatures well below zero.

Saferich FRC-16 Review

Summer tire Saferich FRC-16 is designed for long-term and intensive use, both on narrow city roads and wide highways. It is characterized by stable grip, the ability to intensively slow down on wet surfaces, wear resistance, quiet and smooth running even on “rough” asphalt.

Saferich FRC-16 Review
Saferich FRC-16 Review

The running part of the tire has a profile with a variable curvature and a pattern with an increased density of the elements. This increases the contact patch, ensuring tire pressure is uniform on the road surface. As a result, grip improves, its stability when maneuvering. These properties are almost completely preserved in rain conditions. The tread contains volumetric longitudinal grooves and a large number of multidirectional drainage elements. All this effectively prevents the occurrence of hydroplaning.

Key features of the Saferich FRC-16

  • tread profile with variable curvature, dense arrangement of pattern elements improve grip and handling, increase wear resistance;
  • a large volume of longitudinal grooves and a large number of multidirectional drainage elements prevent hydroplaning at any speed;
  • a rubber compound with a high content of “silica” and soot particles in the composition gives the tire elasticity at low temperatures and resistance to abrasion.

Saferich FRC-66 Review

Summer tire Saferich FRC-66 is designed for crossovers, SUVs and pickups. This model meets the requirements for tires of the High Terrain category, demonstrating its strengths, especially on asphalt roads.

Saferich FRC-66 Review
Saferich FRC-66 Review

The tread pattern is replete with numerous coupling edges formed by both blocks and lamellas cut into them. This determines the tire’s ability to maintain reliable grip on wet surfaces, providing intensive acceleration and braking under such conditions with minimal risk of blocking or wheel spin. On dry pavement, the tire demonstrates excellent trajectory stability and handling precision, largely due to the rigidity of the central longitudinal rib and large shoulder blocks.

Main features of Saferich FRC-66

  • tread pattern with an increased number of blocks and sipes is effective on wet surfaces;
  • the location of the tread elements with a certain step reduces noise and vibration;
  • a special shape of the tread profile and a rubber compound with increased wear resistance increase the mileage of the tire.

Saferich FRC-86 Review

The Saferich FRC-86 off-road summer tire is a classic all-terrain tire that performs well on any road surface, including, of course, unpaved surfaces. It is characterized by reliable traction properties, comfortable control at high speed, acoustic comfort, smooth running and resistance to mechanical damage.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the arrangement of blocks, in which virtually continuous Z-shaped transverse edges are formed in the contact patch. This provides excellent traction on unpaved surfaces, and when driving in both directions. The shoulder blocks are markedly enlarged and have a trapezoidal profile. These features increase control accuracy and stability when maneuvering, and prevent uneven wear.

Main features of Saferich FRC-86

  • reinforced frame provides resistance to damage during off-road operation;
  • tread pattern with continuous Z-shaped transverse edges increases traction on the ground when driving in both directions;
  • trapezoidal profile and larger block sizes along the edges of the tread improve handling, prevent tire wear when driving on asphalt roads.

Saferich FRC-88 Review

Summer tire Saferich FRC-88 is designed for loads that can be described as extremely high. Differs in uncompromising stability, stability of coupling and control precision at any speed.

Saferich FRC-88 Review
Saferich FRC-88 Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by a large volume of longitudinal grooves and the presence of drainage elements diverging from the center. This combination guarantees a high intensity of removal of excess moisture from the contact patch. Another feature is the hypertrophied dimensions of the central longitudinal rib. This element improves directional stability at high speed, reducing rolling resistance and wear. No less powerful blocks at the edges of the tread retain these properties when maneuvering, adding to them the accuracy of control and the absence of visible signs of uneven abrasion of the running part of the tire.

Main features of Saferich FRC-88

  • increased volume and direction against the movement of the drainage grooves minimize the risk of aquaplaning at any speed;
  • hypertrophied rib in the center and massive blocks along the edges of the tread provide grip stability at high speed and sporty driving precision;
  • a special compound based on “silica” gives the tire extra tenacity on cold wet surfaces.

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