Saffiro Tires Review: All Saffiro Models Features For 2023

Saffiro tires are not so popular but they are a choice among many drivers, known for their affordability. With the start of a new year, it’s time to take a closer look at the best Saffiro tires for 2023.

Saffiro Tires Review All Saffiro Models Features
Saffiro Tires Review

In this review, we’ll explore the top Saffiro tires available in the market, their features, and their benefits, to help you make an informed decision about which ones to choose for your vehicle.

Lis of All Saffiro Tires

Here is of the All saffiro tires:

  • Saffiro Ecosaver H/T
  • Saffiro Maxtrac A/T
  • Saffiro MAXTRAC HT
  • Saffiro SF1000
  • Saffiro SF2000
  • Saffiro SF3000
  • Saffiro SF5000
  • Saffiro SF6000
  • Saffiro SF602
  • Saffiro SF604
  • Saffiro SF606
  • Saffiro SF608
  • Saffiro SF610
  • Saffiro SF612
  • Saffiro SF7000
  • Saffiro SF701
  • Saffiro SF703
  • Saffiro SF705
  • Saffiro SF707
  • Saffiro SF709
  • Saffiro SF8000
  • Saffiro SF8001

Saffiro SF5000 Review

Summer tire for passenger cars Saffiro SF5000 is designed for everyday use on city roads and expressways. At any speed, it demonstrates stable grip, ease of control, braking intensity, as well as low noise and smooth running.

Saffiro SF5000 Review
Saffiro SF5000 Review

The asymmetric tread pattern contains a large number of grooves, which guarantees the absence of hydroplaning at almost any speed. Another feature is the presence in the central part and the outer shoulder zone of three continuous longitudinal ribs. These elements not only provide traction stability at high speeds, but also improve steering precision, making it easier to control the car when performing maneuvers.

Main features of Saffiro SF5000

  • a large number of grooves avoids hydroplaning even in heavy rain;
  • optimized tread profile evens out and reduces pressure on the contact patch, improving handling and increasing tire wear resistance;
  • high silica content rubber compound remains flexible at low temperatures, enhancing grip on wet surfaces.

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