Sailun Atrezzo Tires review: All Best Models in 2023

Sailun Atrezzo tires are a popular choice among drivers who prioritize performance and affordability. These tires are manufactured by Sailun, a leading tire company that has been producing quality tires for over a decade. The Atrezzo lineup includes a variety of high-performance tires designed to provide excellent handling, traction, and stability in both wet and dry conditions. In the Sailun Atrezzo Tires review, we will take a closer look at the features and benefits of Sailun Atrezzo tires, as well as their potential drawbacks, to help you decide if they are the right choice for your vehicle.

Sailun Atrezzo Tires review: All Best Models
Sailun Atrezzo Tires

Sailun Atrezzo 4 Seasons Review

The Sailun Atrezzo 4 Seasons all-season tire is designed for compact and mid-size passenger cars. The model is offered in several dozen sizes for wheels with a bore diameter from 14 to 17 inches. It is characterized by high efficiency on snowy and wet surfaces, stability in turns.

Sailun Atrezzo 4 Seasons Review
Sailun Atrezzo 4 Seasons Review

Asymmetrical tread

In many ways, the efficiency of the tire on different types of coverage is due to the use of a tread with an asymmetric design and its division into several functional areas. These are the outer and inner side of the tread, as well as its central part. Each of these sections improves certain operational properties of the tire, and when interacting with each other, they enhance them.

outer side

The shoulder area on the outer side of the tread contains massive blocks located at an extremely slight slope. With an almost rectangular shape, these elements are less susceptible to deformation under the influence of lateral acceleration forces, so that the tire retains high stability when maneuvering and cornering, even at high speeds. During acceleration and braking, the shoulder blocks, forming long transverse edges, increase grip.

central part

The tread pattern in its central part contains two longitudinal ribs, one of which is solid, and the other is formed by arrow-shaped blocks. On the one hand, this solution provides the tire with directional stability and stability of grip properties during straight-line movement, and on the other hand, it additionally enhances the efficiency of the tread during longitudinal accelerations.

Inner side

This functional area performs several tasks at once. First of all, this is an improvement in traction during acceleration and braking, as well as removal from the contact patch of water and its mixture with snow and mud. The blocks located here are long and narrow, have a significant slope, as well as drainage grooves between them.

Main features of Sailun Atrezzo 4 Seasons

  • Intended for year-round usage;
  • Improved traction on wet and snowy roads with wavy and straight sipes;
  • High performance on all road conditions thanks to an asymmetric tread pattern with multiple functional areas.

Sailun Atrezzo Eco Review

The Sailun Atrezzo Eco summer tire is designed for small passenger cars, used mainly within the city limits. The model is characterized by improved fuel efficiency, as well as a high level of driving comfort. At the tire, it is expressed in the form of quick reactions to steering turns, stable and predictable behavior in difficult traffic situations.

Sailun Atrezzo Eco Review
Sailun Atrezzo Eco Review

Minimal risk of hydroplaning

When creating the tire, special attention was paid to minimizing the risk of aquaplaning. To do this, the tire tread was equipped with longitudinal drainage grooves of increased width, attaching similar elements to them, located at an angle and against the movement. As a result, even with heavy rain, the contact patch remains almost dry. At the same time, the longitudinal and transverse edges formed by the grooves increase the stability of the tire on wet surfaces.

Dry grip

The above-mentioned longitudinal grooves are located between the wide ribs. Their solid construction and massive dimensions provide resistance to deformation, thus achieving better directional stability and easier control over the car.

Fuel economy

The tire has a pronounced ability to reduce fuel consumption. It comes with several design features. One of them is the tread design. The number of elements contained in it is reduced, and their shape, size and location are selected in such a way as to minimize rolling resistance without compromising other performance properties of the tire. In addition, its tread is made of a high-tech rubber compound, which also reduces fuel consumption.

Main features of Sailun Atrezzo Eco

  • Ensures dependable traction on wet surfaces.
  • Exhibits exceptional stability on the course and reliable behavior in challenging scenarios.
  • Enhances fuel efficiency through advanced rubber compound and optimized tread design.

Sailun Atrezzo Elite Review

The Sailun Atrezzo Elite summer tire is one of eight models recently introduced by Chinese manufacturers specifically for European motorists. The development was carried out by foreign specialists, and new technologies and materials are used in its design. This allowed for excellent handling and grip for its price range.

Sailun Atrezzo Elite Review
Sailun Atrezzo Elite Review

Excellent performance in all driving modes

The tire tread is made in today’s trendy asymmetric design. It is divided into several sections, each of which provides certain operational properties. Often the tread elements interact with each other, which leads to a significant improvement in some characteristics. An example is the longitudinal rib and the shoulder area on the outer side of the tread. Both elements have a rigid and lateral acceleration-resistant design, which gives the tire stability, stability at any speed and when maneuvering, and also increases the accuracy of driving. And the tread elements located closer to the inner side provide longitudinal traction properties.

Increased resistance to hydroplaning

Even at high speeds, the risk of hydroplaning with this tire will be minimal. The efficiency of the drainage system is at a fairly high level. Its key elements are the longitudinal grooves, which have a significant capacity. They are adjacent to the transverse channels. Most of them are inclined relative to the direction of movement, which allows you to increase the speed of water circulation through them due to the effect of centrifugal forces of wheel rotation.

Wide shoulder tread areas

More than half of the tread area falls on the shoulder blocks. They are very massive elements with an arrangement perpendicular to the direction of movement. Such blocks significantly expand the contact spot, simultaneously giving it a shape close to square. As a result, the specific pressure on the road surface and with it the degree of abrasive effect on the tread is reduced. Additionally, this property is enhanced by a uniform distribution of the external load over the entire area of ​​the contact patch. These features improve several of the tire’s ride characteristics – handling, maneuvering grip, rolling resistance. In addition, wear of the tread is reduced, which increases its service life.

Progressive compounding

This model was one of the first to receive a rubber compound with a significantly updated composition. The key innovations were highly dispersed micro-silica and modified styrene-butadiene rubber. The first component improves the ability of the tread to tightly fit small road bumps, which increases grip. In turn, MBS rubber provides a more uniform mixing of the ingredients of the rubber compound. This improves its uniformity and, as a result, operational properties.

Main features of the Sailun Atrezzo Elite tire

  • The multi-sectioned asymmetric protector is efficient across all road conditions.
  • The high-performance drainage system minimizes the risk of aquaplaning by utilizing the centrifugal forces generated by wheel rotation.
  • The sturdy shoulder blocks enhance cornering grip and handling, reduce braking distance, and prevent untimely wear of the tread.

Sailun Atrezzo SVR LX Review

The key feature of the Sailun Atrezzo SVR LX summer tire is the scope. It is designed specifically for sports versions of premium crossovers. The size range of the model is made up of sizes for wheels with a bore diameter from 20 to 24 inches. When developing the tire, the focus was on providing maximum comfort without sacrificing grip and handling.

Sailun Atrezzo SVR LX Review
Sailun Atrezzo SVR LX Review

LAC grooves

The tire is equipped with a V-shaped tread design. Its key elements are special LAC grooves between blocks. Their curved shape, significant length and direction against traffic provide exceptional throughput, so that the contact patch is effectively dried even with a large thickness of the water film on the road surface.

Acoustic comfort

When developing the tire, a lot of attention was paid to a high level of comfort, including acoustic. In particular, the previously mentioned LAC grooves were used for this. They are located in a checkerboard pattern, which, combined with the smooth bends of the edges formed by them, prevents the formation of noise and vibrations during movement. Another solution that allowed to increase acoustic comfort was the corrugated surface of the side walls of the longitudinal drainage grooves.

Efficiency at high speed

All tread blocks are massive, and those located in the central part are interconnected by rigid bridges. This significantly increases the area of ​​the contact patch, which guarantees reliable grip. The stability of the grip properties is ensured by the rigidity of the tread blocks, the mobility of which is significantly limited.

Sailun Atrezzo SVR LX Key Features

  • Tailored for high-end crossovers.
  • Superior high-speed performance.
  • LAC-grooves designed to minimize aquaplaning and reduce noise levels.
  • Large contact patch for improved traction.
  • Corrugated walls within longitudinal grooves enhance acoustic comfort.

Sailun Atrezzo Touring LS Review

The Sailun Atrezzo Touring LS summer tire is specially designed for those cars that are often used by their owners for long journeys. The size range of the model consists of more than two dozen sizes, the most popular, both for cars and for minivans and crossovers. The tire is characterized not only by good traction on wet and dry surfaces, but also by excellent reliability. In some markets, the Asian manufacturer accompanies this model with warranty service for 120 thousand kilometers.

Course stability and acoustic comfort

Numerous sipes are located throughout the tread. In addition to their “direct duties” of providing wet grip properties, they perform other functions. One of them is to reduce noise when driving at high speed. This property is achieved due to the variable angle of inclination, the multi-step arrangement of the lamellas and their wave-like shape. The same features increase the rigidity of the longitudinal ribs, which improves directional stability.

Wide contact patch

In motion, the tire demonstrates excellent grip and predictable reactions when maneuvering. This is largely due to the shape of the tread profile. With the exception of the transition of the shoulder zones to the sidewalls, it is almost flat. This significantly increases the width of the contact patch, and a well-chosen tread radius in the shoulder areas ensures its invariability when maneuvering.

Key features of the Sailun Atrezzo Touring LS

  • Designed for high-mileage vehicles.
  • Multifunctional sipes enhance wet surface grip, and directional stability, and reduce noise levels.
  • Wide contact patches and exceptional stability provide excellent traction under all conditions, regardless of driving mode and road characteristics.

Sailun Atrezzo Z4+AS Review

The Sailun Atrezzo Z4+AS radial tires are a high-end model designed for use on passenger cars in the summer. Despite the low cost, these tires fully meet the most stringent European quality requirements. The fact is that at the factories where this model of tires is produced, automatic systems for monitoring the quality of products are installed.

Sailun Atrezzo Z4+AS Review
Sailun Atrezzo Z4+AS Review

Tread pattern

The tread design of the Sailun Atrezzo Z4+AS tire model can be called exclusive. Symmetrical, it is modeled to take into account wet or dry road conditions as much as possible. The tread pattern consists of 4 central wide longitudinal grooves, which are made with small bends. This made it possible to minimize noise even at high speeds, as well as significantly improve directional stability. On the surface of the tire are hundreds of edges that provide traction. The presence of a developed system of small channels leads to self-cleaning tires and improved handling in any weather and on any road surface.

Design features

This model of radial tires is made of two-component rubber. The sidewall of the tires is made of a harder rubber compound, which strengthens the overall design of the product and has a positive effect on cornering. Tighter tire contact with the road surface was achieved through the use of a wide low-profile structure of the product. It also made it possible to increase the lateral and longitudinal grip of the tires and guarantee even greater safety while driving at high speeds.

Rubber compound

In this tire model, a rubber compound was used, which included components that improve its resistance to wear. Due to the high content of silica in the rubber, it was possible to improve the handling and grip of the car with the surface.

Main features of the Sailun Atrezzo Z4+AS model

  • The budget-friendly Sailun Atrezzo Z4+AS tires feature a unique tread design with non-standard central longitudinal grooves and multiple additional channels of varying widths to ensure optimal water drainage and create desired acoustic effects.
  • These tires utilize a two-component rubber compound to strengthen the overall product design, improve grip with the road surface, and ensure even wear.
  • Silica and other components in the rubber compound enhance tire wear resistance, improve car handling, and increase road grip.

Sailun Atrezzo ZSR Review

The recently updated Sailun Atrezzo ZSR summer tire offers even higher performance. They were achieved through significant changes in the design. The scale of the changes is such that today, under the old name, it is proposed, by and large, a new model.

Wide blocks in the shoulder areas

The blocks located on the outer side of the asymmetric tread are characterized by massive dimensions and an inextricable structure. Combined with the optimized slope of the grip lips they form, this ensures excellent stability when maneuvering and cornering at high speeds.

Deformation-resistant rib in the center

The longitudinal rib, which runs exactly along the center of the tread, is also distinguished by a no less rigid design. In addition to directional stability, this element provides increased precision in control, while making feedback more transparent.

Main features of Sailun Atrezzo ZSR

  • Wide shoulder blocks offer superior stability during maneuvers.
  • Non-breaking center rib enhances control efficiency and ensures stable behavior at high speeds.
  • Silicone-containing compound and advanced drainage system improve wet road performance.

 Sailun Atrezzo ZSR SUV Review

Sailun Atrezzo ZSR SUV is a model from a Chinese manufacturer, which is focused on summer use on SUVs. The tire is characterized by stable behavior, both on dry roads and on wet surfaces, while maintaining all its performance characteristics.

Protector and its specifics

The tread pattern was developed based on the experience of world manufacturers. Thanks to this, the manufacturer managed to achieve an excellent combination of grip, comfort and safety. So, the presence of deep lamellas in combination with large blocks ensure the stability of the car when performing various maneuvers. In turn, the developed system of channels and lamellas makes it possible to overcome wet sections of the road at high speed, effectively draining the contact zone.

In turn, the quietness and smoothness of the ride is ensured by the arrangement of blocks and grooves, which help to suppress resonant sounds and vibrations, making the ride more comfortable.

Key features of the Sailun Atrezzo ZSR SUV

  • SUV-tailored design.
  • Features a highly efficient noise reduction system.
  • Delivers dependable traction on both dry and wet roads due to its compound and the asymmetric tread element arrangement.

Sailun Atrezzo SH402 Review

Summer passenger tire Sailun Atrezzo SH402 is one of the latest developments of a well-known Chinese manufacturer. At a traditionally low cost for Chinese products, this model has excellent performance, as evidenced by the high speed indices assigned to it – T, H and V (depending on the size). In addition, the manufacturer offers a very extensive size range, numbering several dozen of the most popular sizes for wheels with a bore diameter of 13 to 16 inches. Those. this tire is perfect for almost any small car class.

Universal tread pattern

Since the Sailun Atrezzo SH402 tire is designed for year-round use, i.e. even in winter, it is not surprising that the Chinese tire manufacturers equipped it with a tread pattern, literally replete with many small-sized blocks. Due to this, the contact patch has a large number of edges that provide grip on slippery roads.

In addition, it is impossible not to note the high degree of adaptation of the tread pattern to operation in the summer. In particular, in its very center there is a very wide double longitudinal rib, which ensures high directional stability when driving at high speed. In addition, the rigid construction of this tread element gave the tire responsive responses, resulting in sportier handling.

High splash resistance

Given the possibility of operation in winter, Chinese tire manufacturers equipped this model with a drainage system adapted to drain not only water, but also heavier masses of snow from the contact patch. For this purpose, all drainage grooves were significantly enlarged, which allowed the tread to be cleaned more efficiently. In addition, the transverse drainage channels are wedge-shaped, which helps to increase the speed of water circulation, which has significantly increased the resistance to aquaplaning.

Main features of Sailun Atrezzo SH402

  • The tire features an asymmetric directional tread pattern that performs well throughout the year on any type of surface;
  • The large number of tread blocks forming hundreds of grip edges ensures good traction on slippery surfaces;
  • The shoulder zones have a rigid design, providing excellent stability when cornering;
  • Excellent resistance to hydroplaning and slashplaning is achieved through four longitudinal drainage grooves, many transverse drainage channels, and straight shoulder lamellas.

Sailun Atrezzo ZS+ Review

The Sailun Atrezzo ZS+ summer passenger tire is designed for those car owners who care not only for an uncompromising approach to handling, but also for an adequate price. It is precisely the price-quality ratio, which is extremely attractive for an Ultra High Performance tire, that is one of the key features of this model.

Asymmetrical tread pattern

Since this tire was originally intended for powerful and high-speed passenger cars, one of the most progressive tread patterns with an asymmetric arrangement of elements was chosen for it. Its main feature is a clear division into several functional areas, each of which performs a strictly defined range of tasks.

Wide shoulder areas

The shoulder areas of the Sailun Atrezzo ZS+ tread pattern are characterized by several features at once. First of all, these are massive dimensions, due to which the tire demonstrates excellent stability when cornering.

In addition, it is impossible not to note the open design of this part of the tread pattern. In the process of movement, the numerous blocks located here form many grip edges, due to the work of which the braking distance is significantly reduced, especially on wet asphalt. In addition, numerous drainage grooves separating them from each other provide fast and efficient water drainage from the contact patch.

Massive central rib

In the very center of the tread pattern, the company’s specialists placed a wide longitudinal rib. Due to this tread element, which has a high structural rigidity, the tire was able to impart several important qualities at once. First of all, it is stable behavior at high speed. In addition, the excellent resistance to deformation of the central longitudinal rib made it possible to achieve quick and extremely precise tire reactions to steering inputs. As a result, handling has become sporty honed.

Main features of the Sailun Atrezzo ZS+ tire

  • The tire offers an excellent balance between price and quality;
  • The asymmetric tread pattern ensures excellent performance in any road condition;
  • Rapid water drainage from the contact patch is ensured by four longitudinal drainage grooves and many transverse channels, reducing the risk of hydroplaning even at high speeds;
  • The reinforced structure and open shoulder design improve cornering stability, shorten braking distances, and enhance the tire’s drainage efficiency.

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