Sailun Ice Blazer Tires Review: All Best Models with Features

Sailun tires are divided into different series. Here we are discussing about Sailun ice Blazer Tires review with features for all models in this series.

Sailun Ice Blazer Tires Review:
Sailun Ice Blazer Tires

Below is all available sailun ice blazer.

Sailun Ice Blazer Alpine Evo Review

The Sailun Ice Blazer Alpine Evo winter tire is suitable for most popular passenger cars. Developed taking into account the specific conditions of the so-called “warm winters” inherent in European countries. It is characterized by improved traction and grip on wet and snowy surfaces, precise control, quiet and smooth running.

The asymmetrical tread pattern is divided into functional areas. One of them is the outer shoulder area with a continuous longitudinal rib adjacent to it. These elements increase the stability of the trajectory and the accuracy of control at high speed and when maneuvering. The inner shoulder area with numerous small blocks forming long transverse edges allows intensive acceleration and deceleration on slippery surfaces. Efficiency on rolled snow and ice is provided by thousands of lamellae, with which the entire tread is dotted.

Sailun Ice Blazer Alpine Evo Review
Sailun Ice Blazer Alpine Evo Review

Key Features of the Sailun Ice Blazer Alpine Evo

  • Stability and precise control during dynamic driving are provided by the rigid shoulder blocks and a solid rib on the outer side of the tread;
  • Increased traction and braking efficiency on snow are ensured by numerous long edges on the inside of the tread;
  • Improved grip and handling on wet and icy surfaces are achieved through thousands of wave-shaped sipes.

Sailun Ice Blazer Alpine Evo 1 Review

Winter tire Sailun Ice Blazer Alpine Evo 1 is designed for dynamic versions of passenger cars. Designed for use in the so-called “European” winters. Shows the greatest efficiency on wet and snow-covered roads. In such conditions, it is distinguished by comfortable driving and high braking intensity.

The tread pattern is distinguished by an asymmetric arrangement of elements and their distribution over functional areas. The outer side, containing wide blocks deployed across, provides stability and precise control when maneuvering and driving at high speed. The inner part of the tread with numerous small blocks allows intensive acceleration and deceleration. The entire pattern is dotted with sipes that allow you to effectively implement the braking force on wet and icy surfaces.

Key Features of the Sailun Ice Blazer Alpine Evo 1

  • The tire’s asymmetric tread pattern ensures effectiveness on any road conditions;
  • Abundant sipes decrease braking distance on ice;
  • Wide drainage grooves efficiently evacuate water and heavy snow mixture from the contact patch.

Sailun Ice Blazer Alpine+ Review

The Sailun Ice Blazer Alpine+ winter tire fits most popular passenger cars. The operational properties are selected taking into account the specific conditions of the so-called “warm” winters. It is characterized by high efficiency on wet roads and surfaces covered with melted snow and ice.

Sailun Ice Blazer Alpine+ Review
Sailun Ice Blazer Alpine+ Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by a high saturation of the coupling edges. Most of them are formed by lamellae. Several types of such slots are used. The sinus-shaped sipes in the central part increase the grip stability during straight-line driving at high speed. In turn, zigzag cuts in the shoulder areas allow you to accelerate and decelerate with greater efficiency. On snow, the performance of the tire is achieved by increasing the length and number of blocks. The elements are arranged at an angle and in a “chessboard” order, forming a continuous edge in the middle. This reduces rolling resistance and ensures steering precision.

Key Features:

  • The numerous lamellas increase efficiency on icy surfaces and packed snow;
  • The direction against the movement and the large width of the drainage elements ensure a small tendency to aquaplaning and slashplanning;
  • The arrow-shaped continuous rib in the middle improves control accuracy and directional stability, reduces wear, and lowers fuel consumption.

Sailun Ice Blazer Arctic Review

The Sailun Ice Blazer Arctic winter tire is designed for the most popular passenger cars. Differs in comfort in management and efficiency when braking on any slippery covering, acoustic comfort and the increased service life.

Sailun Ice Blazer Arctic Review
Sailun Ice Blazer Arctic Review

The asymmetrical tread pattern is replete with gripping edges formed by numerous wavy sipes. Tightly spaced narrow slots significantly reduce the length of the braking distance on ice. The efficiency of the tread on a snow-covered surface is ensured by the height and large area of ​​the edges of the blocks. The increased groove width allows the tire to be intensively cleared of snow masses. Another feature of the tread is the large dimensions of the shoulder blocks and their trapezoidal profile. This design improves steering precision, maneuvering stability and prevents uneven wear.

Sailun Ice Blazer Arctic Key Features

  • Intensive braking on icy surfaces is enabled by the high-density lamellas;
  • Comfortable driving on snow is provided by a large area of block edges;
  • Maneuvering control and prevention of uneven abrasion are facilitated by massive blocks along the tread edges.

Sailun Ice Blazer Arctic Evo Review

The Sailun Ice Blazer Arctic Evo winter tire is designed for passenger cars with improved dynamic performance. Differs in precision in management, stability of coupling properties and intensive braking on slippery surfaces.

The tread pattern is made in an asymmetrical design with a large number of blocks. The edges formed by them have a large area, due to which high performance on snow is ensured. Reliability of traction on icy and wet surfaces is achieved by thousands of wavy lamellas, densely cut along the entire tread. Its profile has a special shape that further increases the contact patch, which improves handling on cleared roads and significantly slows down abrasion.

Sailun Ice Blazer Arctic Evo Key Features

  • The dense arrangement of blocks increases the tire’s grip reliability on snow;
  • Thousands of sharp-edged sipes reduce braking distance on ice;
  • Improved handling and directional stability at high speeds is achieved by the tire’s increased contact patch and the dense arrangement of blocks.

Sailun Ice Blazer Arctic SUV Review

The Sailun Ice Blazer Arctic SUV winter tire for SUVs and crossovers is designed for use on icy and snowy roads. Under such conditions, it is characterized by stable grip properties, easy operation, efficient braking, long mileage and low noise.

Sailun Ice Blazer Arctic SUV Review
Sailun Ice Blazer Arctic SUV Review

The tread pattern is dotted with thousands of sipes that form the corresponding number of gripping edges. This increases traction and braking power on icy surfaces. The walls of the lamellas have a “three-dimensional” profile, which increases the rigidity of the blocks, which allows more precise control of the vehicle’s trajectory. Efficiency on snow is provided by long high block edges and increased groove width. Due to the presence of silica in the compound, the tread retains its elasticity even at very low temperatures.

Sailun Ice Blazer Arctic SUV Key Features

  • The tire features thousands of sipes to ensure reliable grip on icy surfaces;
  • The presence of numerous small blocks with high edges allows for intensive acceleration and braking on snow;
  • The use of a silica-based rubber compound ensures flexibility even at low temperatures.

Sailun Ice Blazer WST1 Review

The Sailun Ice Blazer WST1 is the first studded winter model produced by this well-known Chinese manufacturer. Created in cooperation with leading tire companies, this tire at a low cost provides a high level of safety when driving on any winter roads. This model is available in 17 sizes with bore diameters from 13 to 15 inches. At the same time, two 15-inch dimensions are designed for light commercial vehicles. All this speaks of the exceptionally wide applicability of this novelty of the Chinese tire industry.

The tire tread is made according to classic patterns. Its pattern is made in the already classic V-shaped design, in which massive swept-back blocks immediately catch the eye, separated from the shoulder areas by two wide drainage grooves. At the same time, the central longitudinal rib has a solid and therefore very rigid structure that does not have any breaks throughout the entire tread. Thanks to this technical solution, it was possible to achieve an improvement in directional stability and a decrease in rolling resistance. In addition, the central rib has many sharp edges and corners, which, in combination with two rows of massive blocks, provides excellent traction on snow.

Each of the shoulder areas of the Sailun Ice Blazer WST1 tire tread consists of a number of separate blocks, made in the form of a quadrangle. At the same time, these tread elements are located almost perpendicular to the direction of movement, which significantly increased the tire’s patency in deep snow, and also improved braking efficiency on various slippery surfaces.

One of the innovations of this model is the presence of 6 rows of steel spikes, which, combined with countless sipes, provides excellent grip on icy surfaces. Also, it should be noted that the composition of the rubber compound has changed significantly, where some components have been added that allow the tire to maintain elasticity even at very low temperatures.

Key features of the Sailun Ice Blazer WST1 tire

  • The tire features six rows of steel spikes for reliable grip on icy roads.
  • The block construction of the tread pattern ensures excellent traction and grip on snow.
  • Numerous lamellas create additional grip edges, improving acceleration and braking on slippery surfaces.

Sailun Ice Blazer WST1 Review

The Sailun Ice Blazer WST1 winter tire is offered without studs as standard. But even without them, it demonstrates excellent performance on slippery snow and ice roads, while being easy to control and smooth on the go.

The tread pattern has a “Scandinavian” design with a solid center rib in the familiar swept-back shape and crescent-shaped twin blocks next to it. The coupling lips thus formed are curved and directed against the movement. This solution provides excellent directional stability and stability of grip properties. The performance of the tread on snow is improved due to the profile of the shoulder blocks, which increase the pressure on the road surface. On ice, grip properties are provided both by blocks and by wavy lamellas cut into them.

Key Features:

  • The arrow-shaped central rib improves control efficiency, enhances traction on snow, and boosts directional stability.
  • The sickle-shaped blocks located in the central part ensure confident handling on snow.
  • Additionally, the numerous lamellas on the tire’s surface prevent longitudinal sliding on wet and icy roads.

Sailun Ice Blazer WST2 Review

Winter passenger tire Sailun Ice Blazer WST2 belongs to a new line of models from a well-known Chinese manufacturer. However, unlike most winter tires, this model has a slightly different specialization. It is designed for operation on any axles of light trucks and minibuses. At the same time, there are seats for spikes on its tread, which significantly expands the scope of its application. As for the size range, in addition to the traditional sizes for wheels with a diameter of 16 and 17 inches, it has a 20-inch size. Thanks to this, Ice Blazer WST2 has excellent applicability.

Universal tread pattern

Unlike many other analogues, this model is favorably distinguished by universal characteristics on various types of coverage, including countryside. The tire owes these abilities, first of all, to the tread pattern, which has a block structure. Thanks to the many individual blocks, its contact patch has a large number of grip edges at any given time. At the same time , the Sailun Ice Blazer WST2 tread blocks are located at a sufficiently large distance from each other so that the tread does not become clogged with soil particles. This allows the tire to demonstrate confident behavior, both in deep snow and in mud.

Excellent directional stability

Despite the presence of many tread elements, the specialists of the Chinese company managed to provide the tire with excellent directional stability. This was achieved due to the longitudinal layout of the blocks, from which five longitudinal ribs are formed. In addition to directional stability, this technical solution made it possible to significantly reduce rolling resistance, and with it fuel consumption, which, taking into account the purpose of the tire, seems to be very important.

Excellent grip on ice

Even without spikes, this model feels great on icy surfaces. She owes this ability to numerous zigzag sipes applied to almost every tread element. At the moment of contact with the road, each of them, opening up, forms a sharp edge that clings even to micro-roughnesses on the surface, thereby providing additional grip. Considering that there are thousands of such lamellas on the tread, then with the help of this solution, the Chinese tire manufacturers managed to significantly improve grip, especially on ice.

Silica rubber compound

Like most other modern tires from more famous brands, this model uses a rubber compound made up of quality new generation components. Moreover, European specialists took part in its development. One of the practical results of their work was elasticity, which remains at an optimal level in a fairly wide range of temperatures. In addition, the addition of silica to the rubber compound has significantly improved wet grip while providing increased abrasion resistance.

Sailun Ice Blazer WST2 Key Features

  • The tire features a versatile tread pattern that delivers exceptional grip on snowy and icy roads, as well as muddy terrain.
  • With an increased amount of silica in the rubber compound, the tire maintains excellent flexibility in low temperatures and boasts high resistance to wear and tear.
  • The numerous tread blocks allow for confident movement in deep snow.
  • The tire’s excellent traction on ice is attributed to its numerous zigzag sipes that generate thousands of sharp edges for added grip.
  • The presence of five longitudinal ribs enhances the tire’s directional stability.

Sailun Ice Blazer WST2 (non-ship) Review

Sailun Ice Blazer WST2 is a winter tire used on off-road vehicles and SUVs, trucks, minibusses, etc. The product is universal and suitable for use on any type of road surface and off-road.

The tread design is symmetrical non-directional and characterized by a block structure. A large number of individual blocks form a large contact patch with numerous grip edges, thanks to which the tire acquires such traction and excellent performance on any road. The blocks are located at a distance from each other, there are wide grooves between them – this ensures good self-cleaning of the product, which behaves confidently on liquid mud and snowy surfaces. Although there are many blocks, the stability of the course does not suffer, since the checkers are ordered into edges. This further reduces rolling resistance and saves fuel. Despite the absence of studs (but the presence of grooves for them), the model shows good grip and traction on ice thanks to the many sipes placed on each tread block.

Main features of Sailun Ice Blazer WST2 (non-ship)

  • Instant removal of moisture from the contact patch area is provided by a developed system of grooves, increasing resistance to aquaplaning and slashing, promoting self-cleaning of the tire;
  • Powerful blocks with lamelization provide excellent coupling;
  • The product enables a reduction in fuel consumption.

Sailun Ice Blazer WST3 Review

The Sailun Ice Blazer winter tire is one of the newest additions to the Chinese manufacturer’s line of passenger models, designed specifically for the Nordic and Scandinavian markets. Its design is well suited for use in cold climates, providing reliable traction on any winter surface.

8-row studding

Studs are one of the characteristic features of a tire. The scheme of their arrangement is chosen so that they form 8 continuous rows. At the same time, the number of these elements was increased. And, in order not to violate the European requirements for the degree of their impact on the road, did the Asian tire manufacturers do exactly the same as many other “colleagues in the shop”? reduced the size of the carbide insert in contact with the surface. Another borrowing was the organization of special zones around the places where the spikes were installed for intensive removal of ice chips. Special protrusions on the tread grind it, which allows the tire to bite harder into the icy surface.

Sawtooth lamellas

Another factor that determines the high performance of the tire on slippery surfaces are the sipes. The entire tread is dotted with them, thanks to which it has several thousand gripping edges. They provide the tire with efficiency on ice and packed snow, especially when accelerating and braking. Most of the grooves are located perpendicular to the direction of movement.

The developers managed to increase the number of these elements without compromising the handling characteristics. Their walls have a sawtooth shape, which limits the mobility of the parts of the block separated from each other when exposed to transverse acceleration forces. This noticeably speeds up their transfer to the power elements of the tire structure, which allows it to maintain stability, and the process of driving a car, speed and accuracy.

Multifunctional drainage system

To a large extent, the high performance of the tire is provided by the versatility and efficiency of the drainage system. The protector contains a large number of wide channels. In the central part, they are inclined at a significant angle, which makes it possible to use the centrifugal forces that occur during the rotation of the wheel to speed up the process of cleaning the contact patch. At the intersection of the drainage grooves, the tread has the ability to capture and hold snow from the road surface, which enhances traction. A similar effect is observed when moving during thaws. In the shoulder areas, the walls of the drainage grooves have a sawtooth shape. Such protrusions crush the snow mass, providing a faster removal of it from the tread.

Wide longitudinal rib in the center

The entire central part of the tread is a very wide longitudinal arrow-shaped rib. This element is inseparable throughout its entire length, which, combined with its massiveness, provides the tire with increased directional stability and stability at high speed. And numerous corners and edges give it additional longitudinal traction properties.

Key features of the Sailun Ice Blazer WST3 tire

  • Improved grip on icy surfaces is ensured by 8-row studding;
  • Several thousand sipes reduce braking distance and improve traction when starting and accelerating;
  • The wide rib in the center with numerous edges and corners enhances directional stability and traction;
  • The multifunctional tread grooves provide increased traction on snow and resist hydroplaning and slashplaning.

Sailun Ice Blazer WST3 Review

The Sailun Ice Blazer WST3 winter tire is installed on a wide range of passenger cars. Despite the absence of studding, it provides responsive control, both when driving in a straight line and during maneuvering.

The model is equipped with a tread with sawtooth blocks that create numerous hook edges. This contributes to the ease and confidence of passing snowy and icy sections of the road with minimal risk of skidding and hydroplaning. To improve traction and braking properties, a developed lamella network is provided, densely covering all tread elements.
Due to the diagonal orientation of the wide grooves separating the block structures, the tread is quickly cleaned from dirt, water and snow masses. The result – maintaining the performance of the tread in all weather conditions.

Main features of Sailun Ice Blazer WST3

  • The sawtooth-shaped blocks provide a secure grip on snowy roads;
  • A large number of lamellas contribute to a reduced braking distance;
  • Diagonal channels located in the “shoulders” zone enable fast self-cleaning;
  • The tire has a low risk of aquaplaning and slashing.

Sailun Ice Blazer Endure WSL1 Review

The Sailun Ice Blazer Endure WSL1 commercial winter tire is part of the Chinese manufacturer’s recently introduced line of models specifically for the European market. It is distinguished by improved performance compared to other tire products from the Middle Kingdom, and in addition, excellent adaptation to use in the specific conditions of “mild winters”.

Sailun Ice Blazer Endure WSL1 Review
Sailun Ice Blazer Endure WSL1 Review

High load resistance

It is not difficult to guess about the “specialization” of the tire if you take a closer look at its tread pattern. All its elements are of massive dimensions, and in addition, they are connected by rigid bridges to each other, forming inseparable longitudinal ribs. This design allows, without compromising grip on slippery winter surfaces, optimally, i.e. as evenly as possible, to distribute the weight of the car over the entire area of ​​the tread area in contact with the road. This reduces the specific pressure on the road and the aggressiveness of its impact on the running part of the tread. On the one hand, this design leads to an increase in load capacity and resistance to premature abrasion, and on the other hand, it has a positive effect on control accuracy and driving comfort. In addition, the presence of a rigid connection between the blocks made it possible to significantly reduce the rolling resistance and,

Stable braking behavior

The tread blocks are located relative to each other with a significant offset. This allowed to improve several important qualities of the tire. One of them is improved grip stability during longitudinal accelerations, i.e. when accelerating and braking. In addition, such an arrangement of the blocks prevents the occurrence of resonant noises, most of which are low-frequency, and therefore well transmitted to the car interior. This markedly improved acoustic comfort.

Reliability in difficult situations

The absence of studs does not prevent the tire from demonstrating reliability in difficult situations. Its tread is equipped with a productive drainage system that perfectly copes with the removal of both water and its mixture with snow from the contact patch. Here it is worth noting the wavy shape of the longitudinal grooves and the sawtooth shape of the side walls of these elements in the shoulder areas, which allow the tread to effectively prevent slashplanning.

On difficult icy surfaces, reliable tire behavior is ensured by several technical solutions. First of all, these are several thousand lamellas, forming a corresponding number of sharp edges. In addition, the tread has hundreds of “micro-pumps”, small drop-shaped cavities additionally dry the road surface under the contact patch, which enhances grip on ice. It is worth noting the high elasticity of the tread due to the optimized compound, which, due to this ability, more tightly fits even the smallest bumps, better clinging to a slippery road.

Key features of the Sailun Ice Blazer Endure WSL1 tire

  • The tire’s tread pattern is designed to withstand heavy external loads and provide reliable performance;
  • The blocks are arranged with an offset to ensure stable grip properties during braking;
  • The tire has excellent traction on low friction surfaces due to numerous sipes and micro-pumps, as well as an elastic rubber compound.

 Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2 Review

The Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2 studless tire has been developed in close collaboration with the world’s leading tire manufacturers, as well as taking into account the harsh winter conditions of the Nordic countries, Scandinavia and Russia. This model, while maintaining the cost at the usual level for Chinese tires, is distinguished by advanced technical solutions. The tire is available in dozens of the most popular sizes from 14 to 18 inches.

 Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2 Review
 Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2 Review

This model features a V-shaped directional tread pattern with a very aggressive look. Thanks to two wide longitudinal grooves, the tread has a clear division into the central part and shoulder zones.

There are three longitudinal ribs in the central part of the tread. The center rib is one-piece construction, while the other two have many free-standing blocks. The rigid design of the central longitudinal rib, combined with massive dimensions, provides high directional stability, responsive control and reduced rolling resistance.

The structure of the other two ribs located in the neighborhood is very original. All blocks of these edges are arranged in groups, three in each. At their core, these groups are very massive blocks, characterized by a multiply increased number of clutch edges. Thanks to this original design solution, the Chinese tire manufacturers managed to significantly improve grip on winter surfaces.

Another distinctive feature of the Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2 tire is its excellent elasticity even at low temperatures. This was achieved due to the inclusion of special polymer components in the composition of the rubber mixture. Despite the increased softness of the rubber, the tire has excellent handling on dry pavement, thanks to a large number of self-locking sipes.

Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2 Key Features

  • The V-shaped directional symmetrical tread pattern provides perfect grip on any winter surface;
  • The central part of the tread has a rigid design that ensures excellent directional stability and control efficiency;
  • All tread elements are placed with variable pitch, resulting in a low noise level;
  • The block structure of the tread pattern provides a large number of grip edges, ensuring excellent traction on snow.

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