sailun tires review: What are Best Models with Features 2023

Sailun tires are focused on the consumer who chooses an advantageous combination of price and quality. Today we are sharing the Sailun tires review and which is best for you. Among the unique features of the Sailun tire, one can single out the fact that the manufacturer uses 3D modeling technology in the tread structure. Sailun is the pioneer of this rubber manufacturing method.

sailun tires review: What are Best Models with Features
sailun tires review

who makes sailun tires?

Sailun tires are produced by the Chinese company Sailun, founded in 2002, and located in the Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone. The manufacturing company has been demonstrating sustainable and dynamic development in recent years, exporting its products to various countries of the world. At the same time, during the period from 2008 to 2010, tire production volumes increased almost 4 times, reaching 9.1 million pieces per year. The quality of the company’s products is confirmed by the presence of many certificates of the ISO quality management system. The company actively introduces cutting-edge innovations in its production process, focusing on the unique design of tires, which is developed using 3D computer modeling technologies. A wide range of different tire models from this manufacturer is presented on the domestic market.

Sailun Summer tires

Summer tires of this brand are great for daily use, the use of a unique rubber compound with the addition of special components significantly increased the wear resistance of this rubber, ensuring good handling and vehicle directional stability. The specially developed asymmetric tread design ensures excellent vehicle maneuverability and safe cornering at high speeds. At the same time, enlarged drainage channels perfectly cope with the function of water disposal, eliminating the problem of aquaplaning on a wet road. Summer tires are presented in various sizes and modifications under the name Sailun Atrezzo.

Sailun Winter tires

Winter tires under this brand are produced in two modifications – studded winter tires for cars from 13 to 15 inches and non-studded tires for SUVs from 14 to 18 inches. The characteristic features of the winter tires under consideration are the classic V-shaped tread pattern, wide drainage grooves, the presence of longitudinal ribs to stiffen the structure, and the use of a unique rubber compound. These features allow these tires to provide excellent vehicle directional stability, control efficiency, high maneuverability, high-quality grip even on icy roads, no aquaplaning effect on wet pavement, and good traction on snow. At the same time, these tires are characterized by smooth running and low acoustic noise.

In general, the affordable price of this rubber, its compliance with European and international quality standards, and the use of innovative technical solutions to give excellent performance made it possible to increase the popularity of Sailun tires both in our country and around the world.

All Sailun Tires list

Below is the complete table of all Sailun Tires models.

Sailun Summer tiresSailun Winter tiresSailun All season tiresSailun Truck tiresOther Sailun Tires
Atrezzo EcoEndure WSL1Atrezzo 4SeasonsCity Convoy (Universal)SDM1 (master)
Atrezzo EliteIce Blazer AlpineAtrezzo Z4+S629 (steering)SDW1 (host)
Atrezzo SH402Ice Blazer Alpine EvoCommercio 4 SeasonsS637 (trailed)Atrezzo ZSR 2
Atrezzo SVRIce Blazer ArcticCommercio ProS696 (trailed)Ice Blazer WSTX
Atrezzo ZSRIce Blazer Arctic EvoTerramax A/TS702 (host)SDO1 (master)
Commercio VX1Ice Blazer Arctic SUVTerramax H/TS815 (steering)Ice Blazer Alpine Evo 1
Extra Mile SL87Ice Blazer WSL2Terramax M/TS825 (trailed)S862 (trailed)
SL12Ice Blazer WST1S913AS911 (host)
Terramax CVRIce Blazer WST2S917 (host)S698 (universal)
Ice Blazer WST3SAR1 (helmsman)SW02 (universal)
WinterPro SW61SDL1 (master)
SDM1S (master)
SDR1 (master)
SFR1 (steering)
STL1 (trailed)
STR1 (trailed)

Sailun Tires Review:

Sailun Commercio 4 Seasons review

All-season tire Sailun Commercio 4 Seasons is installed in commercial vehicles of small capacity, suitable for use in motorhomes, special vehicles for various purposes. It is characterized by a stable grip on any slippery surfaces, fuel efficiency and increased mileage.

Sailun Commercio 4 Seasons review
Sailun Commercio 4 Seasons review

The tread pattern is distinguished by a large number of blocks, due to which the contact patch has a large number of sharp edges. They allow the tire to intensively accelerate and brake, maintain directional stability on wet and snowy surfaces. The dense arrangement of blocks in the central part and the slope of their edges reduces rolling resistance and wear. Larger tread edges improve traction when maneuvering and prevent uneven tread wear.

Main features of Sailun Commercio 4 Seasons

  • V-shaped tread pattern with elongated transverse edges ensures superior traction and directional stability, even on winter surfaces.
  • Compact block arrangement in the center minimizes rolling resistance and wear.
  • Enlarged blocks on the tread edges provide handling precision and stability during maneuvers.

Sailun Commercio VX1 review

Summer tire Sailun Commercio VX1 is designed taking into account the peculiarities of operation of light commercial vehicles and is designed for intensive use with continuous exposure to various negative factors. The model has a reinforced structure, and its tread has increased resistance to any kind of wear.

Multifunctional drainage grooves

The tire tread pattern is divided into separate functional areas. One of them are three drainage grooves. Longitudinally arranged elements perform several functions at once. The main one is the drainage of the contact spot by removing water from it. Additional functionality of the grooves is provided by their wave-like shape. Numerous protrusions on the side walls limit the mobility of the blocks, which has a positive effect on directional stability and control efficiency.

J slats

In addition to the protrusions on the side walls, the tread blocks are equipped with original J-shaped sipes. These elements also perform several tasks. In contact with the road surface, these elements optimize the distribution of the load, both on the contact patch and on the load-bearing components of the tire structure, thereby preventing wear and, as a result, increasing its service life.

Tire heating sipes

Shoulder blocks also contain lamellas, but their functionality is noticeably different. These tread elements, in addition to forming additional gripping edges, reduce tire heating, improving heat dissipation, and also provide a more even load distribution across the contact patch.

Sailun Commercio VX1 Key Features

  • Wide longitudinal drainage grooves enhance directional stability and minimize the risk of aquaplaning.
  • J-shaped sipes in the central block reduce uneven wear.
  • Special lamellas in the shoulder blocks prevent tire heating, create additional gripping edges, and ensure even load distribution.

Sailun SL12 review

The Sailun SL12 commercial tire is designed for light trucks and vans. The model differs in the increased economic efficiency as differs in long service life, reliability and a possibility of use throughout the year. The tread is characterized by versatility, providing reliable grip in all road conditions.

Sailun SL12 review
Sailun SL12 review

Improved grip and traction on slippery surfaces

One of the key features of the tread design is the zigzag shape of the tread grooves in the central part. When in contact with the road surface, they form a set of gripping edges located at an angle. This significantly improves traction on slippery surfaces, especially when starting to move.

Wide shoulder blocks

A significant part of the tread area is occupied by shoulder blocks. Their massive dimensions and solid construction provide excellent maneuvering stability and prevent uneven wear. It is also worth noting the location of the blocks with an offset relative to each other. This improves acoustic comfort.

Key features of Sailun SL12

  • The broad zigzag grooves in the center improve traction, particularly on wet surfaces and during initial acceleration.
  • The plentiful sipes enhance braking efficiency and decrease tread heating.
  • The wide shoulder zones prevent slippage during cornering and minimize uneven wear.

Sailun Terramax A/T review

The Sailun Terramax A/T summer tire is perfect for most vehicles with high ground clearance and all-wheel drive transmission, from crossovers to pickups. The model is offered in a wide range of standard sizes. It has good grip on any surface, as befits an All Terrain tire.

Sailun Terramax A/T review
Sailun Terramax A/T review

Aggressive shoulder design

A significant part of the advantages of the tire is provided by the design of the shoulder areas. They contain wide transverse blocks. In lateral projection, they have a trapezoidal shape. Together with massive dimensions, it gives the blocks high resistance to deformation when exposed to lateral acceleration forces. This noticeably improves traction and handling in corners, as well as improves off-road flotation.

Confident handling on wet surfaces

The tire has good grip even on wet pavement. It is provided not only by the effective operation of the drainage grooves. The blocks have narrow slots that form a plurality of transverse edges. They significantly improve the performance of the tread during acceleration and braking.

Main features of Sailun Terramax A/T

  • Aggressive shoulder design for enhanced cornering and off-road capability
  • Plentiful lamellas for confident handling on wet surfaces
  • Blocks positioned with an offset from each other for exceptional acoustic comfort

Sailun Terramax CVR review

The Sailun Terramax CVR All-Season Passenger Tire has been developed specifically for crossovers and SUVs used primarily on highways. It is for this reason that the best grip properties are demonstrated by this model, first of all, on asphalt roads.

Sailun Terramax CVR review
Sailun Terramax CVR review

Increased number of transverse lamellae

Most of the coupling edges are formed not by blocks, but by lamellas cut into them. Since these tread elements are located almost transversely, it is not surprising that this tire demonstrates good traction properties in the longitudinal direction, especially on wet roads.

Improved control accuracy

The longitudinal rib located in the center of the tread has a rigid inseparable structure. In combination with wide lateral blocks in the shoulder areas, this provides increased stability when maneuvering, and in addition, gives the tire response speed and precision.

Sailun Terramax CVR Key Features

  • Increased number of edges from transverse lamellas for improved grip on wet roads.
  • Rigid rib in the center and wide blocks in the shoulder zones provide precise steering and stability during maneuvering.

Sailun Terramax CVR LX review

Summer tire Sailun Terramax CVR LX was designed taking into account the design features and characteristics of modern SUVs and crossovers. The model belongs to the High Terrain category and therefore demonstrates all its advantages mainly on asphalt roads. It is characterized by reliable predictable behavior and a high level of comfort.

Excellent wet performance

The tire is equipped with a tread with an efficient drainage system. Such it is not only due to the increased to four longitudinal grooves and their large internal volume. These tread elements are interconnected by special slits located at a significant slope. This solution significantly increases the intensity of the process of drying the contact patch, thereby reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

Stability at high speed

The tire is characterized by very stable behavior at high speed. This property is provided by the design of the central longitudinal rib and shoulder areas.

The central longitudinal rib is made solid and wide, which provides it with high rigidity. Shoulder blocks differ in a similar property, but they achieve it not only with massive dimensions, but also with a trapezoidal shape in lateral projection. The dimensional stability of all these elements enhances stability and directional stability at high speeds.

Special compound

The tire tread is made from a compound that has been given certain properties. It is characterized by high wear resistance, softness and tenacity on wet surfaces. These properties are achieved by a high content of silica and modern polymers.

Sailun Terramax CVR LX Key Features

  • Minimized aquaplaning risk due to longitudinal grooves connected by transverse slots
  • Improved stability and directional stability at high speed with a wide center rib and extended shoulder blocks
  • Special rubber compound for better grip on wet surfaces, smooth ride, and wear resistance

Sailun Terramax H/T review

Depending on the size, the Sailun Terramax H/T passenger tire can be used not only on SUVs and crossovers, but also on light commercial vehicles. Another key feature of this model is the versatility of application in terms of roadway characteristics. In other words, this tire will perform well both on the paved highway and off-road.

4 zigzag drainage grooves

The tread pattern of this tire is divided into five longitudinal ribs by four wide grooves. Their main function is to remove water and dirt from the contact patch. As for the zigzag edges, they can reduce the likelihood of uneven wear, as well as reduce resonant noise and vibration.

Open shoulder tread design

The shoulder areas of the Sailun Terramax H/T tread pattern feature an open design. In other words, in this part of the tread there are two rows of massive quadrangular blocks separated from each other by wide drainage grooves. Outside paved roads, these tread elements temporarily become lugs, due to which it becomes possible to overcome difficult sections. At the same time, the large width of the drainage grooves allows the tread pattern not to be clogged with soil particles.

Lots of slats

Among other features of this tread pattern, it is worth noting the cruciform and wavy sipes located on the surface of most blocks. They are designed to provide extra traction on wet roads by providing multiple grip lips.

Key features of the Sailun Terramax H/T tire

  • The tire is suitable for year-round use on various types of terrain.
  • Four drainage grooves efficiently remove water and dirt from the contact patch.
  • The open design of the tread’s shoulder zones allows for high flotation performance on unstable surfaces.
  • Numerous sipes of different types provide multiple additional grip edges on the contact patch, resulting in confident behavior on wet roads.

 Sailun Terramax M/T review

Summer tire Sailun Terramax M/T is designed for SUVs and crossovers. It is recommended by the manufacturer for use on soil surfaces of various types with reduced bearing capacity. In such conditions, it compares favorably with stable and high traction, directional stability, smooth running and reliability.

 Sailun Terramax M/T review
 Sailun Terramax M/T review

A feature of the tread pattern is the distribution of blocks into groups, due to which continuous Z-shaped transverse edges are formed in the contact patch. Together with the high height of the elements, this significantly increases the traction on the ground surface. At the same time, a significant distance between the blocks, especially in the shoulder areas, allows the tread not to “blur”, improving off-road patency. Another important feature is the profile of the elements along the edges of the tread. It minimizes the risk of mechanical damage to the tire, increasing tire life in the most difficult conditions. Here it is worth noting the use of a 3-layer polymer cord in the breaker. In addition to increasing reliability, this solution gives the tire a softer ride on bumps.

Main features of Sailun Terramax M/T

  • The location of the blocks extends Z-shaped transverse edges, enhancing traction and grip on the ground;
  • The optimized shape of the blocks at the tread edges improves reliability and off-road performance in challenging terrain;
  • A 3-layer synthetic breaker prevents punctures and cuts, providing additional ride comfort on rough surfaces.

Sailun Endure WSL1 review

When buying a commercial winter tire Sailun Endure WSL1, you need to understand that this model was developed taking into account the climatic conditions of European countries. They are quite specific due to the temperature regime, accompanied by frequent “transitions” through the mark of 0 degrees Celsius. Because of this, this tire product in our country has limited applicability, which in no way detracts from its merits.

Reliability in difficult weather conditions

The symmetrical non-directional tread of the tire is equipped with three longitudinal grooves for drainage. These elements have a large internal volume, making the tire highly resistant to hydroplaning. In turn, the risk of slashplanning is reduced due to the curved shape of the longitudinal drainage grooves and bevelled edges. This allows the tread to more effectively remove the mixture of water and snow from the contact patch.

Offset Blocks

The tire tread contains a plurality of separate blocks. Relative to each other, these elements are located with a significant offset. This solution allowed to improve several operational properties at once. The most obvious of these is a significant reduction in resonant noise and vibration. In addition, it was possible to improve the efficiency of the tread during acceleration and braking. The contact patch with this arrangement of blocks has the maximum number of transverse coupling edges.

Increased load capacity

Despite the presence of a large number of individual elements, the tread pattern consists of four wide longitudinal ribs that do not have any breaks throughout. This feature is due to the high accuracy of machining the edges of the blocks, which made it possible to place them almost close to each other. This design significantly reduces the specific pressure at the point of contact between the tire and the road, ensuring an even distribution of the external load on it. As a result, there is less mechanical impact on the working surface of the tread, which has a positive effect on the load capacity of the tire and its durability.

Another important advantage of the tread design is low rolling resistance. This feature provides the tire with excellent fuel efficiency.

Improved grip on winter surfaces

More than three quarters of the gripping edges of the tread are formed not by blocks, but by sipes cut to their entire depth. At the same time, it is worth noting their location – transverse in the shoulder areas and with a slight slope in the central part. In the first case, grip properties are improved on winter surfaces at the start of movement, acceleration and braking, and in the second case, the risk of side slips is reduced and control accuracy is increased.

Key features of the Sailun Endure WSL1 tire

  • The offset arrangement of blocks reduces braking distance and improves acoustic comfort.
  • The tread design ensures high load capacity and even load distribution.
  • Precision machining of block edges and their close proximity result in low rolling resistance.
  • A higher number of sipes ensures reliable grip on winter surfaces.

Sailun Winterpro SW61 review

Winter tire Sailun Winterpro SW61 is adapted to the difficult climatic conditions of Northern European countries. At the same time, the model is offered exclusively in a non-studded version, demonstrating high efficiency and reliability on slippery winter surfaces.

The tread pattern is made in an asymmetrical design. Its distinguishing feature is an extremely high degree of lamella. Narrow slots are located from each other in a matter of millimeters, due to which their number is calculated in four-digit numbers. It is these elements that provide the tire with excellent grip on icy surfaces. It is maintained over a wide temperature range due to the high-tech composition of the rubber compound. It is based on finely dispersed silica, which gives the tread, in addition to elasticity at extremely low temperatures, tensile strength and stretching when heated. In addition to the sipes, the tread contains large blocks that form long and high edges. They give the tire a confident grip in deep snow.

Main features of Sailun Winterpro SW61

  • The tire’s asymmetric tread design features multiple functional areas for optimal performance in any driving conditions.
  • Larger shoulder blocks and additional longitudinal slots help prevent side slips during maneuvering.
  • The high density arrangement of sipes ensures reliable traction on wet and icy surfaces.
  • The tire’s advanced rubber compound, featuring finely dispersed silica, improves traction across a wide temperature range.

Best Sailun Tires in 2023

Here is the top 10 bestt sailun tires:

  1. Elite tool
  2. Atrezzo ZSR
  3. Ice Blazer WST3
  4. Commercio 4 Seasons
  5. Atrezzo ZSR SUV
  6. Atrezzo 4 Seasons
  7. Terramax A/T
  8. Echo tool
  9. Ice Blazer Arctic
  10. Terramax CVR

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