Shinko E Series Tires Review: Best Motorcycle Tires for 2023

Welcome to the blog on the Shinko E Series tires review, the best motorcycle tires for 2023. We have already shared Shinko tires review for all general series.

Shinko E Series Tires Review Best Motorcycle Tires
Shinko E Series Tires Review

As every motorcycle lover knows, the quality and performance of motorcycle tires can make all the difference when it comes to safety, handling, and riding experience. That’s why we’ve conducted a thorough review of the Shinko E Series tires, examining their features, performance, and user feedback to determine why they’re the top choice for motorcycle tires. Today’s article will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your next set of tires. So let’s start our Shinko E Series Tires Review.

Shinko E700A Review

The Shinko E700A tire is installed on motorcycles that are used both on the highway and on rough terrain. The ratio between on-road and off-road use set by the manufacturer is 60/40. In addition to versatility, this model features improved maneuvering stability and long service life and reliability under adverse conditions of use.

Shinko E700A Review
Shinko E700A Review

The running part of the tread is made in a fairly aggressive design, due to the large number of blocks of complex shape with sharp corners. The high height of the elements in the shoulder areas improves stability when maneuvering on unpaved surfaces. Under the tread there is a carcass, which is 4 cords of synthetic fibers arranged with ultra-high density.

Key Features of Shinko E700A:

  • a universal model that maintains efficiency both on the highway and off-road;
  • numerous high blocks of complex shape provide confident behavior on any ground;
  • Reinforced 4-layer carcass with high impact resistance.

Shinko E705 Series Review

The Shinko E705 Series motorcycle tire is designed for mixed use 70% highway and 30% unpaved. An all-rounder that delivers firm grip and reliable handling, along with a smooth ride and high mileage.

Shinko E705 Series Review
Shinko E705 Series Review

Despite the claimed ratio of 70/30, where the highway prevails, the tire demonstrates high performance on off-road, especially if you reduce the pressure. In this case, it becomes very tenacious on soft and mixed soils, due to the presence of long multidirectional edges in the tread pattern and the elasticity of the rubber compound. Increased pressure provides excellent stability on the highway for universal motorcycle tires. The elastic compound, however, has a high wear resistance, which makes it possible to use the tire on trips of thousands of kilometers. Another advantage of the softness of the rubber compound is that such a tread is easier to patch somewhere in the wilderness.

Key Features of Shinko E705 Series

  • universal tread pattern that provides grip stability on the highway and high traction off-road;
  • elastic and wear-resistant compound improves grip, increases tire life, provides maintainability;
  • optimized profile and increased tread width improves traction and handling properties.

Shinko E804 Review

The Shinko E804 motorcycle tire for the front wheel is versatile in use. This model is efficient both on the highway and off-road. The ratio indicated by the manufacturer between these types of operation is 40/60.

Shinko E804 Review
Shinko E804 Review

The design of the tread pattern is distinguished by the massiveness of the blocks that form it. This increases the size of the contact patch, providing the tire with efficiency on the paved road. At the same time, the high and sharp edges of the tread elements improve grip on rough terrain. Here it is worth noting the location of the blocks, in which transverse rows are formed from them. They enhance the longitudinal grip on the ground. The blocks in the edge zones are separated by wide semicircular grooves. This solution improves off-road stability at high lean angles.

Key Features of Shinko E804:

  • dual-purpose tire for highway and off-road;
  • tread pattern with large rectangular blocks;
  • improved stability at high lean angles due to rigid sidewalls and semi-circular grooves in the shoulder areas.

Shinko E805 Review

The Shinko E805 motorcycle tire for the rear wheel is positioned by the manufacturer as a dual-use model, suitable for use on both highways and rough terrain. The ratio of operation on roads and off-road is 40/60.

The running part of a protector is executed in design “Big-Block”. It is distinguished by massive dimensions and simple geometric shapes of blocks, from which many transverse rows are formed. In motion, they form very long edges, which provide excellent longitudinal grip. The shoulder areas are separated by wide semicircular grooves. This enhances the stability of the motorcycle on the ground at significant angles of inclination. Here it is worth noting the rigid design of the sidewalls, which enhances this effect, especially on earthen and sandy soils with a high moisture content.

Key Features of Shinko E805:

  • dual purpose tire with 40/60 highway/off-road ratio;
  • Big-Block tread pattern provides excellent off-road performance without sacrificing highway traction.
  • excellent stability when maneuvering on viscous earthen and sandy soils.

Shinko SE890 Journey Touring Review

The Shinko SE 890 Journey Touring motorcycle tire is designed for motorcycles in the touring and cruiser categories. At the same time, an extensive size range ensures applicability even to its largest and heaviest representatives. Another feature of this model is that it is offered in two versions for the front and rear wheels. In both cases, the tire is equipped with a V-shaped symmetrical tread pattern, optimized for long time and distance travel on highways.

Shinko SE890 Journey Touring Review
Shinko SE890 Journey Touring Review

Durable and lightweight frame

Unlike most of its competitors, Shinko opted not to use metal in its frame construction. They were replaced by synthetic materials, in particular aromatic polyamide, from which the cord is made. It, being a synthetic fiber, is characterized by very high mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures, as well as extremely low weight. As a result, the Shinko SE890 Journey Touring is not only strong, but also very light, which, in turn, has led to a reduction in the unsprung weight of the motorcycle.

Original V-shaped tread pattern

In both versions, this model is offered with an almost identical tread pattern. The only difference is the size of its elements, which is due to the dimensions they are much smaller in the front tire.

The V-shaped design is formed by numerous drainage grooves starting in the shoulder areas of the tread and ending in its central part. Here is a very wide longitudinal rib, which has a very high resistance to deformation. This feature made it possible to give stability and reliability to the controllability, as well as to ensure the speed and accuracy of the execution of the driver’s commands.

Shinko SE890 Journey Touring main features

  • excellent applicability, providing the ability to install the tire on the front and rear wheels of motorcycles of the “touring” and “cruiser” categories, including their largest representatives;
  • a multi-layer frame made of synthetic materials is characterized by excellent strength and low weight, which significantly reduces the negative impact of unsprung masses on the handling of the motorcycle;
  • the original V-shaped tread pattern is optimized for long-time and distance driving on highways at high speed;
  • numerous drainage grooves not only provide high resistance to aquaplaning but also traction and grip on wet roads due to the very long grip edges formed by them.

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