Starfire Tires Review: Best Starfire Tires For 2023

Starfire tires for SUVs are very popular. Winter and summer tires of the brand meet the stringent quality requirements of the international community. They perform very well during use. Provide long-term use, safety, and wear resistance. The company’s products undergo rigorous quality control before being released to the stores. The company’s specialists are constantly working on developments that improve the quality of products. Today we are sharing StarFire Tires review with you along with features and benefits.

Starfire Tires Review Best Starfire Tires
Starfire Tires Review

who makes starfire tires?

The StarFire brand represents the world-famous Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. She also controls other tire brands. The company itself was founded back in 1914 in America. The company specializes in the production of tires for passenger cars and SUVs. The company controls 52 factories located in 13 countries of the world. It is the second-largest company in America and the seventh-largest in the world.

Starfire Summer tires American tires

Tires for the summer season have an asymmetric tread pattern, and wide grooves, which increase the stability and maneuverability of the car on the road. They work great even in high water flow conditions. Thanks to the original pattern on the lateral surface, StarFire tires provide a minimum level of movement. The removal of water from the contact patch is provided by directional deep grooves on the tread. Strong blocks and rigid ribs provide good handling and stability on the road. 

Tires provide a clear response to the steering movements of the driver. The special composition of the rubber compound allows you to increase wear resistance, as well as provide a good grip on the road surface. Variable tread pitch provides maximum ride comfort.

Starfire Winter tires

StarFire winter tires guarantee excellent vehicle handling on any road. The tread pattern is symmetrical. The original composition of the rubber compound provides a good grip on the surface, which is covered with ice. Among tire models, you can find studded and non-studded options. Studded tires provide greater stability and stability on the road. The spikes hold firmly in the tire and do not fall out, providing more cutting edges. The spike shape is modeled using modern software. The new rubber allowed for reduced rolling resistance, as well as extending the life of the tires, due to increased wear resistance.

Starfire All season tires

StarFire All-season tires have an asymmetric tread pattern. They are capable of operating over a wide temperature range. The composition of rubber allows you to maintain elasticity parameters, both in heat and in cold. All-season tires are made with a wide treads, and powerful shoulder sides. Deep grooves and special cuts provide a reliable grip on the road surface. The tires are equipped with a rigid central rib, which allows you to maintain stability on the road and clearly respond to the driver’s steering.

Starfire RS-R1.0 Review

The summer passenger tire Starfire RS-R1.0 is addressed to those car owners who prefer an aggressive driving style, but do not want to give up comfort for this. The key feature of this model is an almost perfect balance between the highest performance at any speed and an excellent level of comfort. In addition, it is impossible not to note the excellent applicability of this tire. Its size range is represented by almost three dozen different sizes for wheels with a bore diameter of 15 to 18 inches. At the same time, the tire has high speed indices – V and W, which indicates its outstanding abilities.

Starfire RS-R1.0 Review
Starfire RS-R1.0 Review

Combination of performance and comfort

To achieve perfect balance, the specialists of the North American company provided this tire with an original V-shaped symmetrical directional tread pattern. It is built according to the classical scheme – three longitudinal ribs in the central part and two shoulder zones.

In the very center of the Starfire RS-R1.0 tread is a very wide double longitudinal rib. Due to the absence of any gaps along its entire length, it is characterized by a very high deformation resistance. This allowed the tire to provide excellent directional stability, as well as lightning-fast reactions in response to steering wheel movements.

Two other longitudinal ribs, also located in the central part of the tread, are equipped with special grooves directed at a significant angle relative to the direction of motion. These tread elements perform a number of important functions. First of all, it is the removal of water from the contact patch to the outside of the tread. In addition, these grooves form numerous edges that provide high acceleration performance, especially on wet pavement.

Main features of Starfire RS-R1.0

  • an almost perfect balance between sporty handling and a high level of comfort;
  • a wide double rib in the center of the tread provides a lightning-fast response to steering turns;
  • very low noise level, thanks to the 5-step arrangement of the tread elements;
  • exceptional stability when driving on wet roads due to four drainage grooves that provide quick drainage of water from the contact patch;
  • The rubber compound with increased silica content provides an uncompromising wet grip while increasing tread wear resistance.

Starfire RS-C 2.0 Review

Quality tires Starfire RS-C 2.0 will be an excellent choice for any car owner who cares about his vehicle. The combination of an affordable price and excellent technical characteristics will please its owner for a very long time.

Tires Starfire RS-Ts 2.0 are intended for the summer season, mainly for driving cars. Excellent directional stability is observed here, both in warm weather and dry road surfaces and in rain on a wet road.

Starfire RS-C 2.0 Review
Starfire RS-C 2.0 Review

Starfire has developed tires that meet the requirements and preferences of today’s car owners. They managed to achieve this effect through the use of the best innovations and technologies in manufacturing. The special rubber composition with which the tires are impregnated allows them to serve their owner for a long time and maintain high wear resistance. Due to the high quality of the rubber, the risk of tire flattening and tire punctures is reduced.

Starfire RS-C 2.0 tires are designed to provide the driver and passengers with maximum comfort when moving the vehicle. Therefore, on such a trip, both the owner himself and the passengers will feel confident and safe. The low noise level is another advantage of rubber, avoiding unpleasant sounds when the wheels grip the road.

The tire tread pattern consists of two narrow grooves in the center and two wide longitudinal grooves on the sides. An annular rib in the middle of the tread helps to improve vehicle ride stability and increase wheel response to sharp steering turns. With the help of modern technologies, five-step variable steps have been introduced into Starfire RS-C 2.0 tires, which ensure comfortable and safe driving. The entire tread pattern helps to improve water evacuation properties from the contact patch and minimize the risk of aquaplaning.

Starfire RS-C 2.0 tires are impregnated with a special rubber compound necessary for gripping wheels not only on dry but also on wet road surfaces. In addition, this property reduces rolling resistance, which in turn affects the savings in terms of fuel consumption. The addition of polyester to the rubber composition improves wear resistance and durability.

The special design of the Starfire RS-C 2.0 rubber gives it directional stability, allowing the car to move comfortably even at high speeds up to 270 kilometers per hour. At the same time, excellent braking performance allows you to stop the car in the shortest period of time.

Starfire W200 Review

The Starfire W200 winter radial tubeless tires have been tested in alpine winter conditions, where they have shown good traction on ice, snow and slush. When creating the tire, Tapered Alternating Groove Technology was used, which improved braking performance and traction on an icy road.

Starfire W200 Review
Starfire W200 Review

Main features of the Starfire W200 tire

Main features of the Starfire W200 tire:

  • Multidirectional grooves perfectly remove water, slush, and dirt from the tread, as a result, stable movement on wet winter roads.
  • The serrated center groove increases traction and improves braking performance.
  • Due to the densely placed sipes, the snow is effectively cleared from the tread and the contact between the tires and the slippery, snow-covered road is improved.
  • Rubber Starfire B 200 contains silica, which retains elasticity in severe frosts, as a result of the longer operation.
  • The maximum speed force is 190 kilometers per hour.
  • Optimum load is from 437 to 475 kilograms (depending on size).
  • Studless tires with efficient tread design.
  • Silica in rubber helps improve braking and traction.
  • The construction of the Starfire tire is designed to provide the highest level of acoustic comfort.
  • The response to steering commands is quick, as a result, safety during turns.

Tires Starfire B 200 are distinguished by high-quality and fast braking. Tires are maneuverable and obedient in turns, as a result, the likelihood of skidding on a slippery track is minimal. With the help of computer technology, it was possible to develop an effective tread pattern that improves running performance in difficult winter weather. Good level of wear resistance and heat resistance.

Starfire SF710 Review

The Starfire SF710 is an all-terrain non-directional tire designed by Cooper for China’s growing SUV market.

Starfire SF710 Review
Starfire SF710 Review

These tires feature a unique design and reinforced construction, which work in tandem to increase the model’s flotation on soft sandy roads and in mud, as well as resistance to mechanical damage. At the same time, Starfire SF 710 provide a decent level of comfort and an acceptable level of safety on hard asphalt roads.

Starfire Solarus AS Review

Starfire Solarus AS – non-directional symmetrical tires designed for year-round operation on crossovers and passenger vehicles. New for 2018, focused on the North American market.

Starfire Solarus AS Review
Starfire Solarus AS Review

A key feature of all-season tires Starfire Solarus AS, which will replace Starfire SF340 and Starfire RS-C 2.0 tires in the Solarus AS lineup, is a very attractive price-quality ratio, which is due to the use of “run-in” technologies of the parent company cooper.

Solarus AS tires offers an improved tread compound and tread profile designed to increase all-season traction. In addition, the model is designed to provide a smooth ride with controlled handling. It has deep lateral grooves that provide good traction throughout the life of the tire.

The computer-optimized placement of the tread blocks and sipes of the Starfire Solarus AS guarantees driving comfort and confident tire grip in wet, dry, and winter conditions.

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