sumitomo tires review: What are best sumitomo Tires

Before going to Sumitomo tires reviews we will discuss a little about the Sumitomo brand.

The Japanese tire company Sumitomo is part of a large manufacturing complex named Masamoto Sumitomo. This man lived more than 350 years ago, but his principles of doing business became the basis for the organization. Thanks to them, she reached modern heights. To date, the group, which includes Sumitomo, is considered one of the largest in Asia. Tires are not the main activity of the organization. The company is engaged in the production of steel, iron, engineering products, ceramics, car tires, real estate, and trading activities. 

sumitomo tires review
Sumitomo tires review

Sumitomo brand car tires are a well-known global brand. A distinctive feature of the product is an excellent combination of reasonable cost and high quality. Numerous product quality certificates confirm the reliability of the tire construction. The original, specially designed tread design makes Sumitomo tires very popular with many consumers around the world.

Sumitomo All-season tires

All-season tires provide excellent traction and precise handling on any type of road surface. The rubber compound from which Sumitomo products are made includes elements of carbon black. For its production, Ultra Micro Carbon Technology is used. The polymer contains silicon, which is manufactured using Silica Based Rubber Engineering technology. Deep grooves provide hydroplaning resistance, water evacuation, and a reliable grip on wet road surfaces. Wide tread blocks ensure minimal wear and low noise levels while driving. Directional grooves ensure that water is thrown out of the grip area away from the vehicle. The solid cord is responsible for stability and stability on the road. Tires provide precise control and softness of movement on the road.

Sumitomo winter tires

The company’s winter tire models are manufactured using Side Slip Stopper technology. An optional assist block keeps the vehicle from slipping to a minimum and improves stability during braking and acceleration. A large number of cutting edges and the presence of studs improve longitudinal and lateral grip on icy and snowy surfaces. For the manufacture of tires, special grades of rubber are used, which provide maximum elasticity at any temperature. Upgraded technologies guarantee a quiet ride and high comfort.

Summer tires Sumitomo

Summer tires Sumitomo provide maximum grip on wet and dry road surfaces. Carbon black elements, the original tread pattern give an aggressive design. Circular groove provides hydroplaning resistance. Wide tread blocks reduce noise levels as well as reduce wear unevenness. The direction of the grooves allows water to be diverted from the contact zone. The pattern is uneven. A strong solid tread layer is responsible for reliable handling, the softness of movement, and absolute stability on the road. The wheel bead is protected from damage.

Let’s discuss the Sumitomo tires reviews and what are features of Sumitomo tires.

Sumitomo HTR 200 review

Summer passenger tire Sumitomo HTR 200 is designed for passenger cars of various classes.

Sumitomo HTR 200 review

The symmetrical non-directional pattern has a very original appearance. Unlike many competitors, the tread pattern of this tire is equipped with only two central ribs, separated from each other and from the shoulder areas by three wide and deep longitudinal grooves. This arrangement of tread elements has many advantages. The Sumitomo tire has a very large contact area, which has greatly contributed to excellent dry traction. Another benefit is the reduction in rolling resistance, which results in excellent fuel economy.

It is also impossible not to note the excellent resistance of the tire to hydroplaning, provided not only by three wide drainage grooves, but also by a system of transverse and diagonal channels, the curved shape of which significantly increases the rate of water removal from the contact patch. As a result, the tire exhibits excellent grip even on very wet roads. Discover the best tires in our tires review roundup

The shoulder areas of the tread are striking in their width, thanks to which the tire is characterized by excellent stability when cornering, demonstrating resistance to side slips. In addition, the shoulder areas of the tread are dotted with diagonal and transverse channels, which further improves grip on different types of roads.

Main features of Sumitomo HTR200

  • Excellent grip and handling characteristics due to the large contact area;
  • Efficient water drainage from the contact patch, provided with three wide drainage grooves and a system of channels, prevents the occurrence of aquaplaning;
  • Reduced fuel consumption due to low rolling resistance;
  • Low noise and smooth running thanks to the optimized tread pattern.

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Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 review

The Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 summer tire is universal in use, as it is suitable for both cars and crossovers. In motion, it is characterized by sporty precise control, reliable grip, and deceleration intensity on wet surfaces.

Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 review

The tread pattern is distinguished by the asymmetry of the arrangement of elements. This gives the running properties a balance. A significant part of the running part is reserved for the shoulder zones. Together with their optimized profile, this improves stability when maneuvering, and thanks to the presence of wide blocks here, longitudinal grip on wet surfaces. A monolithic rib at the inner shoulder area improves control accuracy and directional stability at high speed.

Key Features:

  • the asymmetric arrangement of tread elements gives balance to driving performance;
  • accuracy in control and exchange rate stability due to a monolithic longitudinal rib;
  • enlarged shoulder areas and their optimized profile increase stability when maneuvering.

Sumitomo HTR H4 review

The Sumitomo HTR H4 All-Season Passenger Car Tire is designed to meet specific European winters in areas where stable snow cover is rare. It is distinguished by its stable grip on wet and snowy surfaces, increased steering precision, acoustic comfort and fuel efficiency.

Sumitomo HTR H4 review

The tread pattern is replete with elongated high edges formed by numerous blocks. This allows better implementation of traction and braking force on snowy surfaces. Under such conditions, wide drainage grooves make it possible to intensively remove not only water from the contact patch but also its heavy mixture with snow. Efficiency on dry surfaces is ensured by the large block sizes and the stiffness of the solid double rib in the middle. Deformation-resistant elements increase the stability of the trajectory at high speed and provide reliable grip and precise control when maneuvering.

Main features of Sumitomo HTR H4

  • increased traction on wet and snowy surfaces, due to the large length and height of the transverse edges of the blocks;
  • a rigid double rib in the middle and large blocks along the edges of the tread provide reliable control during dynamic maneuvering;
  • rubber compound with a high content of “silica” retains elasticity at low temperatures.

Sumitomo HTR T4 review

Sumitomo HTR T4 is an all-weather passenger car tire of one of the most famous Japanese manufacturers designed for passenger cars of various categories. The manufacturer refers this tire to the “premium” class.

Sumitomo HTR T4 review

The symmetrical non-directional tread pattern features the most up-to-date five-rib design these days. It should also be noted that the drawing was developed using computer modeling technologies. Like most analogues, the tread pattern of this tire has one solid rib located exactly in the middle of the tread, two central ribs and two shoulder zones.

Thanks to the one-piece center rib design, as well as its large width, the tire shows instant response to even the slightest steering wheel movement, as well as excellent directional stability. Two adjacent ribs are divided by transverse channels into separate blocks, on the surface of which there are longitudinal and transverse lamellae. This allows the Sumitomo HTR-T4 to provide excellent handling characteristics on a wide variety of terrain, including very wet roads.

Thanks to the transverse channels, as well as their crescent shape, the removal of water from the tire’s contact patch is significantly improved. However, the main means of combating aquaplaning is still four longitudinal drainage grooves that do not have breaks throughout the tread.

The shoulder areas of the tread have in their design a layer of nylon fibers wound using a seamless technology, which significantly reduced the degree of tire deformation that occurs during lateral accelerations. In addition to improving traction performance during cornering, this has resulted in increased resistance to uneven wear.

Key features of the Sumitomo HTR T4 tire

  • Computer-generated tread pattern provides excellent grip under various road and weather conditions;
  • Low noise level, exceptional wear resistance, thanks to an optimized tread pattern;
  • The high proportion of silica content in the rubber compound provided the tire with excellent grip on wet roads and high abrasion resistance.

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Sumitomo HTR Z review

Produced by one of the most famous Japanese tire companies, the Sumitomo HTRZ summer passenger tire belongs to the category of high-performance tires and is designed for powerful sports cars.

Sumitomo HTRZ review

The original design of the V-shaped directional symmetrical pattern attracts attention at first sight. In the center of the tread there is a solid rib that does not have breaks along the entire length of the tread. This greatly contributed to the Sumitomo HTRZ’s excellent grip on dry roads, as well as high directional stability.

The remaining ribs located in the central part of the tread are divided by a large number of transverse channels into separate rows of blocks having the shape of a quadrangle. Due to their configuration, the blocks are arranged in a V-shape. This type of pattern allows for a very large contact area, which provides excellent grip on various types of surfaces. In addition, the V-shaped pattern improves braking performance and reduces rolling resistance.

It is also impossible not to note such an important component of traffic safety as resistance to aquaplaning. This indicator is one of the advantages of this tire. Exceptional aquaplaning resistance is ensured by the high efficiency of water removal from the contact patch by equipping the tread pattern with four water-draining longitudinal grooves, as well as a large number of transverse channels.

Main advantages of Sumitomo HTRZ

  • Excellent handling characteristics on a wide variety of surface types, thanks to a carefully designed tread pattern;
  • High efficiency of water removal from the contact patch is ensured by a V-shaped symmetrical tread pattern equipped with four longitudinal grooves and many transverse channels;
  • High responsiveness of control and refined handling characteristics due to the rigidity of the sidewall.

Sumitomo HTR Z 2 review

The Sumitomo HTRZ 2 summer passenger car tire, produced by the world-famous Japanese manufacturer, belongs to the category of high-performance rain tires and is exclusively designed for powerful sports sedans and coupes.

Sumitomo HTRZ 2 review

The symmetrical directional V-shaped tread pattern has a very aggressive appearance. This tire is characterized by phenomenal resistance to hydroplaning, which is provided by a large number of diagonal sickle-shaped grooves. To further enhance water evacuation from the contact patch, these grooves are crescent-shaped to enhance water circulation across the entire contact area of ​​the Sumitomo HTRZ 2, resulting in excellent handling even on very wet roads. The tread blocks formed by the diagonal grooves provided the tire with excellent grip when cornering, and also improved the tire’s resistance to uneven wear, leading to a reduction in service life.

A distinctive feature of this tire is its low noise level, which is not typical for this category of tire. This was achieved by placing tread elements with uneven pitch.

Also noteworthy are the very wide shoulder areas, which guarantee a stable and reliable behavior when cornering, and their rounded profile effectively resists tire deformation due to lateral accelerations, which causes uneven wear.

Main features of the Sumitomo HTRZ 2 tire

  • The unique composition of the rubber compound, which includes carbon compounds and silica, provides excellent grip even on very slippery surfaces;
  • Large width and rigid shoulder design provide excellent traction and predictable cornering behavior and reduce the chance of uneven wear.
  • The multi-layer carcass structure in combination with the steel cord provided the tire with strength, elasticity, and even distribution of the load over the entire contact area.

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Sumitomo HTR Z 3 review

Sumitomo HTRZ 3 review

The Sumitomo HTRZ 3 light summer tire is a high-tech 3rd generation radial ply tire. This model has the best performance of Sumitomo. The model is designed for use on sports cars, sports coupes and premium passenger sedans. This tire showcases all of Sumitomo’s technical resources for excellent handling at top speeds and increased grip on any road surface.

New rubber compound

The rubber compound contains many new components that have improved the tire’s performance. The high content of silicon contributed to the increase in wear resistance. Increased rubber elasticity increased grip on any road surface.

Asymmetrical tread pattern

The asymmetric tread pattern provides the tire with excellent driving performance. The outer large side of the tyre, the solid center section, and intermediate inner treads provide excellent handling, maximum stability at high speeds and increased traction on dry road surfaces. The inner part of the Sumitomo HTRZ 3 tire is connected by an additional annular solid track, which helps to reduce driving noise, especially on vehicles with independent suspension and special adjustment specific to the negative wheel alignment. Wide and straight circumferential grooves and round, long, lateral grooves quickly remove water from the tread, which prevents hydroplaning and improves grip on wet road surfaces.

Reinforced frame construction

This radial ply tire has a high-strength construction consisting of steel, wide belts, which are specially reinforced with helically wound polyamide. This increases the strength of the tire, increases handling and improves the behavior of the car at high speeds. Cord and polyester carcass, together with tough rubber sidewalls, combine excellent ride quality with enhanced handling and maximum lateral stability.

Key features of the Sumitomo HTRZ 3 tire

  • excellent coupling characteristics are provided by a combination of a new rubber layer and optimally located blocks;
  • the minimum percentage of damage was obtained by increasing the strength of the frame;
  • increased directional stability is ensured by the optimal arrangement of blocks;
  • the minimum hydroplaning effect is achieved through the use of a new system of sipes and special additives to the rubber compound.

Sumitomo HTR Enhance LX2 Review

The Sumitomo HTR Enhance LX2 is a lightweight touring tire introduced in 2019 and designed for year-round use. They are characterized by high ride comfort, reliable grip in all weather and road conditions, good aquaplaning resistance, and optimum fuel consumption.

It is the second generation of the Japanese brand’s HTR Enhance tires, which also includes the HTR Enhance CX2 (for SUVs) and HTR Enhance WX2 (cars).

Sumitomo HTR Enhance CX2 Review

Sumitomo HTR Enhance CX2 is a year-round touring tire for crossovers. They are able to withstand intense daily use and are also characterized by long, even wear, stable handling on dry and wet surfaces, as well as ride comfort and the ability to optimize fuel consumption.

The Sumitomo HTR Enhance CX2 model with a road tread pattern appeared in the Japanese brand’s assortment in 2019 at the same time as the HTR Enhance LX2 and HTR Enhance WX2 passenger tires.

Sumitomo WT200 Review

Sumitomo WT200 is non-studded winter tire of European type for passenger vehicles. This 2018 model is designed to improve driving safety on wet and dry pavement, as well as on snow. The WT200 is also characterized by high ride comfort, which at an affordable price makes it quite an interesting option for use in winter conditions.

The Sumitomo WT200 tire is the “reincarnation” of the winter friction model Falken HS449 Eurowinter, produced in 2012, from which the new winter season 2018/2019 got the design. The directional tread pattern with an optimized sipe arrangement and a high void ratio guarantees reliable tire contact with snow, rapid dissipation of water in the contact zone and reduced risk of aquaplaning.

The five-pitch pattern of the WT200 tread blocks ensure that any noise and vibration that occurs while driving is quickly compensated, which means that this winter model is very comfortable and quiet.

The rubber compound in the Sumitomo WT 200 with a high silica content ensures high tread flexibility at low temperatures and therefore improves driving safety and comfort by enhancing grip. In addition, it contributes to the reduction of rolling resistance, which leads to a reduction in vehicle fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The Sumitomo WT200 is the perfect choice for demanding drivers looking for balanced performance on winter roads at a reasonable price.

Sumitomo HTR Enhance WX2 Review

Sumitomo HTR Enhance WX2 is an asymmetric all-season tire for powerful passenger cars. They are characterized by stable handling on dry road surfaces, quick and precise responses to driver inputs, high aquaplaning resistance, and good maneuverability.

The Sumitomo HTR Enhance WX2 tires are part of the trio introduced by the Japanese manufacturer in 2019. They were accompanied by all-season models HTR Enhance LX2 (touring car) and  HTR Enhance CX2 (for CUVs).

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Sumitomo Ice Edge Review

Sumitomo Ice Edge winter tire uses innovative Cutting Edge Driver-Focused Design Technology to deliver an outstanding combination of reliable winter traction on snow, ice, and slush with superior stability, handling, and ride comfort, according to the tire maker. The new product is marked with the RMA 3PMSF marking, indicating high performance in heavy snow and safety even in the harshest winter conditions.

Sumitomo Ice Edge Review

Sumitomo Ice Edge has a number of design features aimed at improving the performance of the tire in low temperatures. In particular, a specially designed soft rubber compound with a small amount of silica added to improve performance on frosty days or a unique 3D sipe system that provides maximum grip on snowy and icy surfaces.

The new winter studded tire Sumitomo Ice Edge will be available in 57 sizes for wheels with a bore diameter from 14 to 20 inches and a speed index of T (up to 190 km/h).

Sumitomo SC890 review

The Sumitomo SC890 light all-season tire of one of the most famous Japanese manufacturers is intended for use mainly on passenger cars of various classes.

Sumitomo SC890 review

The tire tread is equipped with a non-directional symmetrical pattern, which has an original appearance. In the center of the tread, there are three longitudinal ribs, each of which is a separate row of blocks, the shape and layout of which are distinctive features of this tire. These blocks are diamond-shaped, and the layout of their placement made it possible to give the tread pattern an S-shape. 

This solution has significantly improved grip performance, as well as reduced the dependence of handling characteristics on the type of surface, in other words, the tire demonstrates reliable and stable behavior under a wide variety of road conditions.

In addition, the layout scheme made it possible to significantly reduce the noise level due to the placement of blocks with uneven pitch in relation to each other, which ultimately led to an increase in driving comfort. Another feature of this tire’s S-pattern is its large contact area, which gives the Sumitomo SC890 excellent traction. A large number of blocks will not be superfluous at all when overcoming snow barriers.

Three central ribs and two shoulder areas are separated from each other by four longitudinal grooves, due to the width and depth of which not only water but also snow slush and dirt are removed with high efficiency. To provide additional resistance to hydroplaning, as well as to improve self-cleaning performance, the tire tread pattern is equipped with many transverse channels.

Main features of the Sumitomo SC890 tire

  • Excellent handling and grip characteristics regardless of road and weather conditions;
  • A large number of blocks provide excellent grip on dry and wet roads, and also provide the tire with decent flotation in snow and mud;
  • Four drainage grooves effectively prevent hydroplaning.

Sumitomo SC900 review

The Sumitomo SC900 studded winter tire, produced by the world-famous Japanese manufacturer, is designed for use on cars of various classes.

Sumitomo SC900 review

When developing the design of the non-directional symmetrical tread pattern of this tire, the most modern solutions were applied. In particular, the pattern of this tire was developed in accordance with the “Side Slip Stopper” technology, the purpose of which is to increase the tire’s resistance to side slips. In the central part of the tread, there are three rows of massive free-standing blocks. At the same time, the blocks located along the edges of the central part of the tread have a two-level structure, which made it possible to increase the stability of the behavior of the Sumitomo SC900 tire when cornering. All blocks of the central rows of the tread have the shape of a quadrangle and are placed with an uneven step in relation to each other. This made it possible, without prejudice to the main operational characteristics of the tire, to a significant extent to reduce noise to a level not inherent in studded tires.

However, the most distinctive feature of this tire is its unsurpassed flotation performance, provided by a large number of blocks placed at carefully calculated distances from each other. Due to the optimal distance between the blocks, it was possible to achieve excellent self-cleaning performance of the tread without sacrificing handling, noise, and rolling resistance.

The shoulder zones of the tread are characterized by increased strength and original design. At its core, the shoulder areas of the tread are two additional rows of massive blocks, which largely predetermined the outstanding flotation performance of this tire.

Key features of the Sumitomo SC900 tire

  • Phenomenal cross-country ability, thanks to the many high and massive quadrangular blocks;
  • -Excellent self-cleaning performance of the tread is provided by the the optimally selected distance between the blocks;
  • Low noise during movement due to the placement of tread elements with uneven pitch;
  • Carefully selected rubber compound provides tire strength and wear resistance combined with elasticity even at low temperatures.

Sumitomo SC910 review

The Sumitomo SC910 winter tire is suitable for most popular passenger cars. It is characterized by increased efficiency on snow-covered surfaces, demonstrating in such conditions driving comfort and excellent braking properties.

Sumitomo SC910 review

The tread pattern is distinguished by large block sizes, which, along with optimizing the profile of the running part of the tire, increases the contact patch and, with it, grip on a dry, cleaned surface. The large length and curvature of the transverse faces of the blocks makes it possible to effectively implement traction and braking force on a slippery surface. On rolled snow, it remains at a high level due to the numerous wavy lamellae.

Key Features:

  • increased contact patch due to large block sizes and optimization of the tread profile;
  • elongated curved transverse edges of the blocks increase traction and braking force on snow;
  • Numerous wavy sipes increase efficiency at low friction coefficient with the road surface.

Sumitomo SL726 review

The Sumitomo SL726 tire is a summer model designed for use on light trucks. In the process of developing this tire, the company’s specialists tried to take into account possible operating conditions and tried to reflect the best qualities from winter and summer tires in it, and they completely succeeded.

Sumitomo SL726 review

The specially designed tread consists of large massive blocks, which give the Sumitomo SL726 tire increased self-cleaning, resulting in increased handling and flotation. The use of a unique rubber compound allowed the rubber to maintain all its performance characteristics under temperature extremes. Therefore, regardless of the weather, you will always be sure of your safety. Three wide zigzag channels provide excellent removal of mud and water from the tread, minimizing the effect of aquaplaning.

The reinforced carcass structure, as a result of the use of a special cord, made it possible to increase the tire’s resistance to overloads and provide excellent protection against various damages. Two central rows of blocks provide excellent directional stability. The optimally matched sipe system reduced driving noise and increased grip on wet road surfaces. The entire tire production process is carefully controlled, so you can be sure of its quality and reliability.

The main features of the Sumitomo SL726 tire

  • Optimally matched tread blocks made it possible to achieve excellent self-cleaning and cross-country ability;
  • Special additives in the rubber compound allowed the rubber to maintain its elasticity at low temperatures;
  • Optimally matched sipe structure provides excellent grip on wet surfaces and makes the ride more comfortable by reducing the sound effect when driving;
  • Reinforced shoulder area increased handling when cornering, and two rows of central blocks provide excellent directional stability.

Sumitomo BC100 review

Sumitomo BC100 review
Sumitomo BC100 review

Sumitomo BC100 tires are a summer model for passenger cars. Its asymmetric tread has open shoulder zones, and a durable carcass is made using reinforcing elements. The model also has the following characteristic differences:

  • Improved rubber compound. In its manufacture, new methods of tire cocktail kneading are used, as well as increased volumes of silicic acid components are added. This increases the BC100 tire’s resistance to wear and tear, prevents uneven or rapid abrasion, and extends its life.
  • Efficient drainage system. It is built on the basis of longitudinal channels, which are complemented by transverse grooves on the peripheral sections. This configuration is characterized by powerful throughput and instantly frees the contact patch from significant amounts of moisture and slush.
  • The checkers distribution system is calculated on the computer. Thanks to this, the tires are distinguished not only by good traction but also by low noise.

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