Sunny Tires Review: All Best models with features For 2023

Sunny is a Chinese tire manufacturing company. Recently, several Chinese manufacturers have appeared in the tire market. Sunny is one of them. Let us share some best sunny tires review with you.

Sunny Tires Review All Best models with features
Sunny Tires Review

This company has chosen the optimal direction of development, which organically combines the quality and cost of products. This allowed her to establish herself very quickly and firmly, first in the domestic market, and then in the external one.

are sunny tires good?

The company tries to constantly update its model ranges, annually releasing about 30 of its new models.

Sunny uses the latest equipment in the production process, as well as the latest technology used in Germany, America, Japan, and the UK. It officially supplies its products to various automotive companies, including Zhengzhou Nissa, Hainan Mazda, Volkswagon Santana, Audi, and Changchun FAWRed Flag. Sunny produces about 4 million tires annually.

Sunny Summer tires

The range of summer tires has a variety of models designed for comfortable trips, as well as for high-speed driving.

In the production of these tires, the latest technologies are applied. Specialists of the company specifically for each model selected the optimal tread pattern depending on the operating conditions. All Sunny summer tires have excellent grip on various road surfaces, minimizing the effect of aquaplaning.

The special rubber compound of the tire keeps noise to a minimum for a more comfortable ride. Specially selected blocks located in the central part of the tread, even at high speeds, allow the driver to drive the car with confidence.

Sunny Winter tires

When developing winter tires, the focus was on safety and confident handling at high speeds. This was achieved through the use of a special rubber compound and a well-designed tread pattern. The use of a reinforced cord increased the strength of the tires, and also reduced the load on it when driving at high speeds.

A special rubber compound, which does not lose its properties at low temperatures, has made it possible to achieve excellent grip characteristics with various road surfaces. Combining all these properties and having a low cost, Sunny tires were able to gain great popularity among car enthusiasts.

Sunny NW103

The commercial tire Sunny NW103 is designed for long and intensive use in regions with a cold climate. It is distinguished by stable grip and handling close to “passenger” on any winter roads, combining these properties with fuel efficiency, wear resistance and high mileage.

Sunny NW103 review
Sunny NW103 review

The tread pattern is characterized by massiveness and a dense arrangement of blocks, a typical solution for commercial tires. This significantly reduces the pressure on the road surface, ensuring its uniform distribution, increasing wear resistance and improving handling, especially under the influence of high weight loads. Extended block edges improve traction on wet and snowy surfaces. In turn, the lamellas cut with a high density keep them on the icy surface.

Sunny NW103 Key Features

  • increased wear resistance due to optimization of the tread profile and its pattern, the use of a special compound;
  • elongated block edges increase traction and stability on snow;
  • densely cut sipes with sawtooth edges provide reliable control on slippery icy and wet surfaces.

Sunny NW211

The Sunny NW211 winter tire is suitable for a variety of passenger cars. The model is offered in a wide range of standard sizes. It is characterized by reliable behavior on ice, while doing without spikes.

Sunny NW211 review
Sunny NW211 review

Lamellas of several types

The tire tread contains thousands of narrow slots. Several types of these elements are used, of which only the wavy sipes form the coupling edges. The rest block several slots in the open position, thereby increasing the rigidity of the block. This significantly improves handling and grip stability on icy surfaces.

Elastic compound

The compound used here remains flexible at very low temperatures. This is ensured by the high content of silica and special elastomers. Due to this, the basic physical and chemical properties of the rubber compound do not change over a very wide temperature range.

Main features of the Sunny NW211 model

  • reliable grip and handling on icy surfaces due to the use of several types of sipes;
  • asymmetric tread provides high performance on any winter surface;
  • a rubber compound that remains flexible at extremely low temperatures.

Sunny NW312

The Sunny NW312 tire is designed for use on passenger cars of various classes. It features improved ride comfort, grip and agility.

The tread structure is based on a large number of individual blocks that form three longitudinal ribs. Between each block there is a deep channel. This structure forms numerous hooking edges that improve traction, both in the longitudinal and transverse directions. In addition, the ribs help maintain straight-line stability by providing responsive steering response.

Sunny NW312 review
Sunny NW312 review

For braking performance, three-dimensional sipes were used, which further increase grip, especially on icy sections of the roadway.

Sunny NW312 main features

  • adaptation to winter conditions due to the structure of the tread;
  • increased grip and tugging forces due to numerous engagement edges;
  • the development of a network of channels contributes to the rapid removal of water and snow masses;
  • clear control due to the structure of the central part of the tread.

Sunny NA603

Summer tire Sunny NA603 is designed for long and intensive use, both on city roads and expressways. It features stable grip and reliable handling on wet surfaces, fuel efficiency and long service life.

Sunny NA603 review
Sunny NA603 review

The tread profile has an increased width and a profile with variable curvature. The combination of these factors provides a large size of the contact patch, retains them and the shape during maneuvering, increasing the uniformity of pressure distribution over the road surface. As a result, grip is improved, ease of handling is achieved, and tread wear is slowed down. A large number of drainage elements allows you to maintain grip on wet surfaces.

Sunny NA603 Key Features

  • increased contact patch and its stability when maneuvering improves grip and handling, reduces wear;
  • the multiplicity and multi directionality of the drainage elements maintain high reliability in the management of wet surfaces;
  • Rubber compound with a high content of “silica” provides more reliable contact with a wet road surface.

Sunny NP203

Summer tire Sunny NP203 is installed on passenger cars mainly in B-class. The target audience of the model is car owners who value comfort and predictable behavior in difficult road conditions.

Sunny NP203 review
Sunny NP203 review

The tread design is symmetrical and non-directional. A classic solution for today, due to the use of modern computer modeling technologies, has a high efficiency. It is their work that determines the small size of the tread blocks and their special shape with curved and inclined edges. This combination, on the one hand, provides confident behavior on dry and wet surfaces, and on the other hand, improves fuel efficiency, acoustic comfort and uniform tread wear.

Sunny NP203 Key Features

  • confident behavior in any road conditions due to the optimized tread pattern;
  • tread profile with variable curvature expands the patch of the area in contact with the road;
  • improved rubber compound with a high content of silicon dioxide.

Sunny NP226

Summer tire Sunny NP226 is designed for compact and mid-size passenger cars. It is distinguished by a high level of comfort, demonstrating ease of operation, reliable grip on wet surfaces, smooth running and low noise and vibration levels.

The tread pattern is distinguished by increased dimensions of the shoulder zones. The blocks contained in them are highly resistant to deformation, which improves grip during maneuvering, ensures accuracy in control, and slows down the process of abrasive abrasion. A continuous longitudinal rib in the middle of the tread increases the stability of the trajectory in straight-line motion, reduces rolling resistance, thereby improving fuel efficiency. The extended transverse edges of the blocks allow effective traction and reduce the length of the braking distance on wet surfaces.

Sunny NP226 main features

  • large shoulder areas with rigid blocks provide stability and control accuracy when maneuvering;
  • a solid rib in the middle reduces fuel consumption, prevents rapid wear of the tread, increases directional stability at high speed;
  • enlarged longitudinal grooves effectively combat hydroplaning, preventing its occurrence even in heavy rain.

Sunny NW103

The commercial tire Sunny NW103 is designed for long and intensive use in regions with a cold climate. It is distinguished by stable grip and handling close to “passenger” on any winter roads, combining these properties with fuel efficiency, wear resistance and high mileage.

The tread pattern is characterized by massiveness and a dense arrangement of blocks, a typical solution for commercial tires. This significantly reduces the pressure on the road surface, ensuring its uniform distribution, increasing wear resistance and improving handling, especially under the influence of high weight loads. Extended block edges improve traction on wet and snowy surfaces. In turn, the lamellas cut with a high density keep them on the icy surface.

Sunny NW103 Key Features

increased wear resistance due to optimization of the tread profile and its pattern, the use of a special compound;
elongated block edges increase traction and stability on snow;
densely cut sipes with sawtooth edges provide reliable control on slippery icy and wet surfaces.

Sunny NW212

The winter tire for passenger cars Sunny NW212 belongs to the so-called “friction” models. It features improved traction and grip on snowy and icy surfaces, especially at extremely low temperatures, along with driving comfort, smooth running and low noise levels.

The tread pattern is dotted with numerous slots with sawtooth edges. Hundreds of such elements increase traction and braking properties on an icy surface. At the same time, the “three-dimensional” profile of their walls in such conditions provides ease of control during maneuvering, limiting the mobility of the blocks. They, in turn, allow the tire to demonstrate confident behavior on snow.

Sunny NW212 Key Features

  • optimized tread profile, increased useful area of ​​its pattern provides stable grip and precise control at high speed;
  • high density of cutting of lamellas increases traction and braking properties on an icy surface;
  • large blocks allow the tire to demonstrate good cross-country ability on snow.

Sunny NW611

The Sunny NW611 winter tire fits most compact and mid-size passenger cars. It is characterized by efficiency on any slippery surfaces, demonstrating stable grip properties and comfortable handling when maneuvering.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the multiplicity of coupling edges. Most of them are formed by sinus-shaped lamellae. Narrow slots, located in different directions, on a slippery surface enhance traction, ensuring their high stability. The tread blocks in the shoulder areas are divided into groups, three elements each. This increases the length of the transverse edges, which provides high traction and deceleration on snow. At the same time, their slope improves directional stability and reduces rolling resistance.

Sunny NW611 Key Features:

  • a large contact patch due to the increased tread width and its optimized profile with variable curvature;
  • enlarged shoulder zones increase stability when maneuvering;
  • the distribution of blocks into groups allows you to intensively accelerate and slow down on slippery surfaces.

Sunny S1088

Of course, the Sunny S1088 rain summer tire should be attributed to a new generation of tires from China. This tire, first of all, is distinguished by a very favorable price-quality ratio. And in many respects, this model is not much inferior to its more eminent counterparts.

Produced in a large number of sizes, including the most popular, this tire is ideal for most modern passenger car models of various classes.

Like most similar tires in the rain category, the tread pattern features a V-shaped tread design, which is most effective when driving on wet surfaces.

First of all, I would like to note the exceptional resistance of the tire to aquaplaning, which is provided by a variety of diagonal drainage channels and two longitudinal grooves separating the central part of the tread from its shoulder zones. A distinctive feature of the diagonal channels is their curved shape, which, in combination with the large width and depth of the channels, significantly increases the efficiency of water removal from the contact patch. Thanks to this, the Sunny S1088 tire , when driving even on very wet roads, demonstrates excellent grip, without the slightest hint of slippage.

Another distinguishing feature is the powerful and wide shoulder areas of the tread, as well as their rounded profile. Such a strong shoulder design allows, as they say, “blank all the money” in turns without the risk of uneven wear, which is effectively combated by the rounded profile of this tread element.

Main features of the Sunny S1088 tire

  • V-shaped directional symmetrical tread design provides excellent traction and braking performance;
  • phenomenal resistance to aquaplaning due to the many diagonal channels and two longitudinal drainage grooves;
  • Powerful tread shoulder zones provide phenomenal efficiency during high-speed cornering.

Sunny SH220

Summer tire Sunny SH220 is installed on SUV class cars. Shows maximum efficiency on the highway, like any other tire belonging to the High Terrain category. Performance properties are selected with an emphasis on comfort and reliability in difficult road conditions.

The running part of the tread is made in a non-directional design with a symmetrical arrangement of elements. With the exception of a continuous longitudinal rib in the center, these are blocks. They are arranged in a high density longitudinally, which results in high stability at high speed and simplifies the steering process when maneuvering due to very transparent feedback. Another advantage of such a design is the permanent presence in the area in contact with the road, multiple edges. They provide the tire with reliable grip, especially in difficult weather conditions.

Sunny SH220 Key Features

  • symmetrical non-directional tread pattern provides confident behavior in any road conditions;
  • wide edge blocks give stability when maneuvering, reduce the braking distance;
  • Numerous sipes and large drainage grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

Sunny SN223C

All-season tire Sunny SN223C is designed for light trucks. It has excellent driving characteristics. Creating this model, the company’s specialists tried to take into account all the nuances of all-weather operation, so the main emphasis was placed on reliability and controllability. To achieve this, a new tread pattern and a high-strength carcass were used.

The tread pattern of the original building

To combine the best qualities from summer and winter tires, a non-directional tread pattern was used. Double ribbed center section provides increased straight-line stability. Three deep channels perfectly perform their functions, quickly remove water, snow and dirt from the contact zone, preventing stones from getting stuck in the tread. Small zigzag channels between blocks enhance traction. Even when driving on soft or sticky ground, the Sunny SN223C offers excellent flotation and confident handling. Extended shoulder profile with a large number of notches and sharp edges provides increased stability in various turns. A special rubber ring in the side zone reliably protects the tread from side damage and punctures.

High strength frame

An all-season tire is constantly exposed to increased loads, as it is operated in various weather conditions. To increase resistance and reduce the risk of punctures and damage, a reinforced carcass was used. In its manufacture, a new cord winding technology and special steel rings were used. Steel rings located in the central part prevent the tire from tearing and increase stability in straight-line driving. Regardless of the operating conditions, the tire has a minimum percentage of damage and excellent grip on any road surface. Due to this, it enjoys well-deserved popularity among consumers.

Key Features of Sunny SN223C Truck Tire

  • non-directional tread pattern provides excellent performance in all weather conditions;
  • high-strength carcass reliably protects the tread from damage and increases resistance to increased loads;
  • steel rings prevent tire breakage and increase stability when driving in a straight line;
  • the best combination of cost and quality.

Sunny SN268C

Summer tire Sunny SN268C is used in SUVs and crossovers. Belongs to the High Terrain category, featuring the greatest efficiency on paved roads. In such conditions, it demonstrates stable grip, precise handling, acoustic comfort and long service life.

The tread pattern is characterized by a dense arrangement of elements, which, in combination with an optimized profile of the entire running part of the tire, significantly increases the contact patch. As a result, grip properties on dry surfaces are improved, their stability increases when changing direction of movement, which facilitates the control process, and the process of tread abrasion is significantly slowed down. The presence of numerous lamellas and blocks allows you to keep all the basic driving performance on a wet surface almost in full.

Main features of Sunny SN268C

  • tread pattern with a dense arrangement of elements and a special shape of the profile of the running part of the tire improve handling and increase wear resistance;
  • increased volume of drainage grooves, numerous blocks and lamellas cause high efficiency on wet surfaces;
  • the special design of the carcass provides resistance to impact, smooth running on uneven surfaces.

Sunny SN290

The Sunny SN290 winter tire is very popular with car owners who prefer confident handling and maximum safety. This model was developed using innovative technologies and modern materials. This helped to obtain excellent quality that meets all international norms and standards.

Arrow-shaped tread pattern

When creating the tire, specialists used an arrow-shaped tread pattern, which increases driving performance in difficult winter conditions. Blocks of the central part have an arrow-shaped shape, cutting through any surface and increasing directional stability. An extensive drainage system quickly removes snow and water from the contact zone, providing confident control on any road surface. Small notches on the blocks reduce driving noise and increase grip in icy conditions. 

The shoulder area consists of elongated blocks with sharp edges, due to this, maximum grip is achieved when cornering. The improved tread structure made it possible to obtain an enlarged contact patch, which increased stability and controllability.

New rubber compound

In winter conditions, the usual rubber compound loses its qualities, in order to prevent this, a new rubber compound was used. The increased content of silica contributed to the preservation of excellent elasticity at low temperatures. Due to this, the Sunny SN290 tire has excellent grip even at very low temperatures. The recovery properties of the tread were also accelerated, which reduced the load on the suspension elements and increased ride comfort. Silicon was used to increase wear resistance, which made it possible to increase tire mileage.

At the end of production, the tire is subjected to careful visual and electronic control, which excludes the ingress of a defective batch to the consumer.

Key features of the Sunny SN290 tire

  • The arrow-shaped central part of the tire provides excellent directional stability and accelerated response to steering turns;
  • the new rubber compound allowed to achieve increased tire mileage and provided excellent grip;
  • a large number of notches reduced driving noise and increased grip on slippery sections of the road;
  • increased contact patch increased stability and controllability.

Sunny SN293

Designed for light trucks and minibuses, the Sunny SN293 non-studded winter passenger tire can be safely considered an almost ideal tool for commercial vehicle operation. This tire has an almost perfect combination of price and quality.

The design of the directional symmetrical tread pattern contains solutions that are more inherent in high-quality passenger car tires. In particular, the tread pattern features a double center rib, which is more you would expect to see on a premium tire. Thanks to this solution, the Chinese tire engineers were able to provide excellent directional stability and responsiveness of the tire.

For more confident behavior on snow, the tread pattern is equipped with two rows of separate blocks located in the central part. The blocks have the shape of a quadrangle with rounded corners, and their surface is dotted, like almost all tread elements, with S-shaped sipes. When driving, the sipes form a multitude of additional engagement edges, which provides the Sunny SN293 with excellent traction on snowy or icy surfaces.

Thanks to the carefully calculated distance between the blocks, it was possible to achieve the most optimal combination of grip with low rolling resistance, which provided the tire with decent fuel efficiency.

It should also be noted that there are three wide longitudinal grooves in the tread pattern, which are designed to provide the tire with quick and effective cleaning of the tire tread from snow and dirt, thereby further improving its main performance characteristics.

Key features of the Sunny SN293 tire

  • excellent traction performance and high braking efficiency are provided by a carefully designed directional symmetrical tread pattern;
  • two rows of individual blocks provide excellent grip on snow;
  • a double central rib, due to which the tire demonstrates directional stability, exceptional for this category, combined with honed handling;
  • low fuel consumption due to low rolling resistance.

Sunny SN3606

The Sunny SN3606 tire is designed for compact and mid-size passenger cars. It is characterized by improved traction on slippery surfaces, long service life and reliability.

Z Blocks

The central part of the tread contains a wide longitudinal rib. It is formed from numerous blocks of the original Z-shape. It significantly increases the number of faces, and also arranges them in different directions, due to which the grip properties not only increase, but also become more stable. And in combination with massive dimensions, this form of blocks improves directional stability and control efficiency.

Wavy slats

All tread blocks have narrow wave-shaped slots. These elements further enhance grip. The wave-like shape provides the blocks with mobility in a certain direction, which reduces the rolling noise of the tire and gives it a smooth ride.

Confident behavior in difficult conditions

Thanks to the open design, the tire tread contains a large number of drainage grooves. In addition to multidirectionality, these elements are distinguished by significant internal dimensions. This allows the tread to remove not only water from the contact patch, but also its mixture with snow and mud, providing resistance to hydroplaning.

Sunny SN3606 Key Features:

  • Z-shaped blocks in the central part;
  • wavy cuts that improve grip;
  • wide and deep drainage grooves.

Sunny SN3630

The summer passenger tire Sunny SN3630, with a noticeably better price-quality ratio, is in no way inferior to most of its direct competitors. This asymmetric tire can be safely recommended to owners of powerful cars and minivans, because it has been assigned high speed indices, which indicates high quality.

Thanks to the production in a large number of sizes from 16 to 19 inches, this Chinese tire is suitable for a huge number of middle-class passenger car models, including minivans.

The asymmetric tread design of the tire has been developed with year-round use in mind, as evidenced by the M+S marking on the sidewall of the tire. The asymmetric placement of tread pattern elements is not typical for tires of this price range, which once again testifies to the high level of development of the Chinese tire industry. The tire tread pattern consists of three longitudinal ribs located in the central part of the tread and two shoulder zones. One of the advantages of Sunny SN3630 tireswith an asymmetric tread pattern design, of course, is the high efficiency of water removal from the contact patch. 

This tire was no exception, equipped with four longitudinal drainage grooves and a system of transverse channels, some of which have a curved shape. This form allows you to significantly increase the speed of water drainage, which, in turn, increases the efficiency of the entire drainage system as a whole.

In order to provide excellent grip on slippery roads, two of the three central ribs are made up of free-standing blocks. This allowed the tire to feel more confident in adverse weather conditions.

Key features of the Sunny SN3630 tire

  • Asymmetric tread design provides amazing cornering stability combined with precise response.
  • four longitudinal drainage grooves significantly reduce the risk of aquaplaning;
  • optimized tread pattern provides an almost perfect balance of the tire’s essential performance characteristics.

Sunny SN3800

The Sunny SN3800 tire compares favorably with numerous analogues by its excellent adaptation to operation on roads of satisfactory quality, which are the majority in our country. At the same time, this model is able to maintain very high grip properties at the original level even with significant tread wear. This is entirely the merit of advanced technological solutions, many of which have demonstrated their effectiveness on previous models from Sunny.

Sunny SN3830

Tire Sunny SN 3830 tubeless, directional, winter for cars.
It has a wide range of different sizes. The most popular tire in the Sunny tire range.

The original arrangement of transverse grooves and zigzag lamellas provide excellent stability and effectively remove snow and dirt from the contact patch. On the road, it behaves perfectly, providing high-quality traction and optimal cross-country ability. In this case, the driver has full control of the movement of the car.

Sunny SN3830 tread pattern

The aggressive tread pattern allows you to quickly self-clean after driving on loose snow and mud. The Sunny SN3830’s sidewall blocks with sharp edges increase the longitudinal and lateral grip properties when driving off-road.

The frame has a layer of polyester cord. Due to the use of this material, the frame retains strength under heavy loads of a dynamic type. The breaker consists of two layers of metal cord, which increases efficiency, extends the service life, reduces wear and rolling.

In the process of manufacturing the tread, rubber based on natural rubber was used, which has a reduced level of hardness, which reduces wear resistance and increases traction on a winter road.

Features of the Chinese tire Sunny SN3830

  • excellent directional stability and cross-country ability;
  • excellent road grip;
  • extended service life;
  • Increasing economy.

Sunny SN3870

Summer passenger car tire Sunny SN3870 is designed for the most powerful modifications of passenger cars. Belongs to the UHP category and has the performance properties corresponding to it.

Stability at high speed

The tire breaker is made of nylon cord, the fibers of which are arranged longitudinally. At the same time, its winding is carried out using the most modern technologies. Due to this feature, this component has a high structural rigidity. It makes itself felt in the form of stability at high speed, fast and accurate reactions to the actions of the driver, reduced rolling resistance.

Wavy rib in the center

The longitudinal rib located exactly in the middle of the tread has an original wave-like shape. It prevents the occurrence of resonant noises and vibrations, which has a positive effect on acoustic comfort. At the same time, the solid construction of this tread element and the massive dimensions give the tire high stability, especially at high speeds.

Key features of the Sunny SN3870 tire

  • nylon cord breaker improves directional stability and handling, reduces rolling resistance;
  • wavy rib in the center reduces resonant noise, ensures stable behavior at high speed;
  • inclined shoulder blocks enhance traction during acceleration and braking.

Sunny SN3890

Summer tire Sunny SN3890 is aimed at car owners with improved dynamic properties. This model is distinguished by reliable grip properties and uncompromising precision in driving at high speed, stability on wet surfaces.

The tread pattern is made in an aggressive design with a W-shaped arrangement of drainage grooves. This allows you to use the force of rotation of the wheel to drain water from under the contact patch, which significantly increases the resistance to aquaplaning. Another feature of the pattern is the predominance of massive elements, the large size of which determines the high resistance to deformation. In motion, this makes itself felt in the form of reliable grip and lightning-fast and precise reactions to steering turns, which greatly facilitates control over the car during dynamic maneuvering.

Sunny SN3890 Key Features

  • W-shaped arrangement of drainage grooves minimizes the risk of formation of a continuous film of water in the contact patch;
  • large blocks and a solid rib in the middle provide reliable grip and uncompromising precision in high speed control;
  • rubber compound with increased elasticity at low temperatures and resistance to abrasion and prolonged heating.

Sunny SN3970

Summer tires Sunny SN3970, produced by one of the world famous manufacturers, are perfect for any passenger car.

When creating this tire, the company’s engineers took into account the specific requirements for the operation of cars in the summer. As a result, consumers received a perfectly balanced tire Sunny SN3970 , which can be successfully used in the summer and on a variety of types of coverage.

The design of the non-directional symmetrical tread pattern contains simple but effective technical solutions, which to a large extent allowed the tire to provide excellent value for money. In the very center of the tread pattern there is a longitudinal rib, due to the solid and rigid design of which the tire demonstrates excellent directional stability combined with decent fuel efficiency.

In order to reduce the noise load, all blocks of the tread pattern were placed with uneven pitch.

It should also be noted carefully selected distance between the tread blocks, which provided the tire with excellent grip on any road surface.

Key features of the Sunny SN3970 tire

  • rigid central rib provides excellent directional stability and low rolling resistance;
  • optimal grip with various types of coating due to the special structure of the tread shoulder zones;
  • low noise level is ensured by the presence of a plurality of different-sized blocks located with an uneven step in relation to each other.

Sunny SN600

With the advent of the Sunny SN600 all-season passenger tire, we can safely say that the Chinese tire industry has reached a new level of development. This tire, produced by one of the most famous manufacturers in southern China, is designed for almost all models of compact cars. The tire is produced in 25 different sizes, including the most popular ones. The rather high speed indices “T”, “H” and “V” assigned to this tire indicate a high level of safety.

The tire was developed in close cooperation with the world leaders in the tire industry, as eloquently evidenced by a number of technical solutions that were previously found only on products of world-famous brands. One of them, of course, should be considered a double central rib, the halves of which are separated by a wide drainage groove. Due to this solution, the Sunny SN600 tire demonstrates excellent directional stability and instantaneous reactions to steering turns, which made the movement more stable and predictable, especially at high speed.

Another distinguishing feature of this tire is the special structure of the blocks, which are two longitudinal ribs, which are also located in the central part of the tread. The design feature of these blocks is that they consist of six separate quadrangular segments. This allowed the tire to provide excellent grip under adverse road conditions without compromising other important characteristics such as, for example, rolling resistance, the level of which, by the way, is at a very decent level.

Key features of the Sunny SN600 tire

  • Rigid double central rib due to excellent directional stability and control efficiency provides excellent stability when driving at high speed;
  • thanks to three deep and wide drainage grooves located along the entire tread, high resistance to aquaplaning is provided;
  • the presence of silicon-containing components in the composition of the rubber compound provides additional grip on wet roads in combination with increased wear resistance;
  • the use of computerized development tools made it possible to achieve a low noise level by optimizing the shapes and layout of the tread elements.

Sunny SN828

Summer tire Sunny SN828 is suitable for almost any modern small class car. Performance properties are selected taking into account the need to ensure maximum reliability and comfort in any road conditions.

The tread pattern is in a symmetrical non-directional design with a wide solid rib right down the middle. This element gives the tire a confident behavior during high-speed traffic, and also reduces rolling resistance. When maneuvering, its effectiveness is ensured by the rigidity and transverse arrangement of the shoulder blocks. These elements, forming long edges, reduce the length of the braking distance. On a wet surface, deep and wide drainage grooves are used in the central part and transverse channels adjacent to them. Some of them have a curved shape, accelerating the removal of water from the contact patch.

Main features of Sunny SN828

  • a wide rib in the center improves stability and control efficiency;
  • rigid edge blocks provide grip during maneuvering, prevent slipping during acceleration and braking;
  • low risk of aquaplaning due to the volume of the longitudinal and curved shape of the transverse grooves.

Sunny SN880

One of the key features of the Sunny SN880 tire is that it has a strong, reliable construction that is perfectly adapted to poor road conditions. At the same time, it exhibits excellent grip, which remains very reliable despite the influence of environmental factors. These abilities are provided through the use of a number of technological solutions previously used only in motorsports.

Sunny SWP11

Winter non-studded tire Sunny SWP11 is one of the attempts of Chinese tire manufacturers to compete with their Japanese counterparts, specializing in the production of so-called Velcro. That is why this model is very similar to the products that have been produced by Japanese manufacturers for many decades. Like it, this tire has a very high grip density, which, combined with an elastic rubber compound, gives it excellent grip on slippery surfaces, while doing without studs.

Symmetric non-directional tread pattern

Unlike Japanese Velcro, this model is equipped with a symmetrical non-directional tread pattern. It contains five fairly massive longitudinal ribs, each of which has a composite structure. Thanks to this, the specialists of the Chinese company were able to give the tire excellent directional stability, and due to the large size of the contact patch, excellent grip on dry roads.

High resistance to slashplaning

One of the distinguishing features of this model is a reliable and confident behavior even under the most adverse road and weather conditions. In many ways, this feature was provided due to the drainage system. Its main elements are four longitudinal grooves located between the tread ribs. They serve as a kind of reservoir for water and melted snow, directing their excess from the contact patch to the outside of the tread through many transverse drainage channels. At the same time, their significant dimensions, combined with a large tread depth, allow you to move very confidently on any roads without the risk of aquaplaning and slashplanning.

Key features of the Sunny SWP11 tire

  • the tire is developed on the basis of the developments of Japanese manufacturers using modern technologies and materials;
  • excellent grip on any winter road due to the numerous grip edges formed by very dense tread sipes;
  • excellent traction and grip properties on snow are provided by numerous tread blocks;
  • good directional stability, reduced rolling resistance, increased contact patch dimensions are achieved by the massive dimensions of the five longitudinal ribs of the tread;
  • excellent stability when cornering, high resistance to uneven wear is ensured by the reinforced design of the shoulder areas;
  • short braking distance due to a large number of transverse grip edges of considerable length, formed in the process of movement by rectangular blocks and sipes in the shoulder areas of the tread.

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