Tomket Tires review: Top Best Models With Features For 2023

When it comes to buying tires for your vehicle, there are numerous options available in the market, and it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

Tomket is a tire brand that has gained popularity in recent years due to its affordable pricing and promising performance. In this article, we will provide real Tomket tires reviews, including their features, benefits for the car, and overall performance. Whether you’re looking for summer, winter, or all-season tires, this review will help you make an informed decision about whether Tomket tires are the right choice for your vehicle.

Tomket Tires review: Top Best Models With Features For 2023
Tomket Tires review

Tomket Allyear 3 review

The all-season Tomket Allyear 3 tire is designed for everyday use in regions with so-called “warm” winters. It features improved grip on wet and snowy surfaces, comfortable handling, quiet and smooth running, fuel efficiency and high mileage.

Tomket Allyear 3 review
Tomket Allyear 3 review

The tread pattern “flaunts” an asymmetrical arrangement of elements. This made it possible to lengthen the transverse edges on the inside of the running part of the tire, as a result of which it demonstrates high intensity of acceleration and braking on wet and snowy surfaces. This effect is markedly enhanced by the numerous straight and sawtooth lamellae cut into each block. It is worth noting the large width of the grooves, which allows them to divert even a heavy mixture of water and snow from the contact patch.

Main features of Tomket Allyear 3

  • asymmetric tread pattern with many long transverse edges provides high traction on snow;
  • tightly cut straight and sawtooth sipes improve grip on wet and snowy roads;
  • large groove width allows you to maintain reliable control in difficult weather conditions.

Tomket AT 3 review

Summer tire Tomket AT 3 is a versatile All Terrain tire designed for long-term use, both on paved roads and unpaved surfaces of any type. It is characterized by a quiet and smooth ride, reliable grip on off-road, increased mileage.

Tomket AT 3 review
Tomket AT 3 review

The tread pattern is distinguished by numerous narrow S-shaped blocks, which increase both the number and the multidirectionality of the edges they form. This solution significantly improves traction properties on unstable loose surfaces. The tight and even staggered pattern of the blocks and the special tread profile increase the contact patch, adding stability to the tire on the highway, reducing wear, rolling resistance and noise.

Main features of Tomket AT 3

  • S-shaped narrow blocks improve traction on unpaved surfaces;
  • dense arrangement of blocks and an optimized tread profile improve the handling and wear resistance of the tire on the highway, reducing noise and vibrations when driving;
  • “hybrid” carcass, strong and elastic, provides reliability and smoothness of the course on roughnesses.

Tomket Eco review

The Tomket Eco tire belongs to the High Performance class and is aimed at use in the summer period on passenger cars. The model is distinguished by its low price, which does not affect performance. Possesses stability of management and the improved coupling properties which demonstrates, both on a dry, and a wet roadway.

Tomket Eco review
Tomket Eco review

In the center of the asymmetric tread there are two longitudinal ribs with notches. They contribute to the stability of a straight ride, and also contribute to increased grip. They are separated by deep channels, which are actively involved in cleaning the contact zone from snow and water.

The shoulder area has massive checkers that provide a constant tire pressure, expand the contact area and minimize the level of wear, ensuring its uniformity.

The composition of the compound includes carbon black and silicon dioxide. These two components increase strength characteristics and provide elasticity.

Main features of Tomket Eco

  • effective “wet” coupling;
  • wear uniformity due to pressure distribution over all parts of the contact patch;
  • fast drainage thanks to the main channels and additional 3D grooves;
  • high level of durability.

Tomket Eco 3 review

Summer tire Tomket Eco 3 is great for everyday use on paved roads with any surface quality. It is characterized by improved grip on wet surfaces, wear resistance, smooth running and fuel efficiency.

The asymmetrical tread pattern is dominated by massive ribs and blocks. The increased density of their location and the profile of the running part with variable curvature increase the contact patch, providing stable grip in any driving conditions, ease of control, and also significantly increasing the wear resistance of the tire, increasing its mileage. Numerous sipes, elongated block edges and wide grooves allow you to maintain a confident behavior on wet surfaces.

Main features of Tomket Eco 3

  • asymmetric tread pattern with massive ribs and blocks provides reliable grip at high speed and increases wear resistance;
  • an increased number of sipes and elongated edges of the shoulder blocks increase stability on wet surfaces;
  • rubber compound based on “silica” with special polymers in the composition gives the tire tenacity at low temperatures, wear resistance and smooth running.

Tomket Snow Road 3 review

Tomket Snow Road 3 is a non-studded tire for winter use, installed on passenger cars of the middle and higher segments. The tire is characterized by high stability on snowy and icy roads, stable movement and a good level of safety.

Tomket Snow Road 3 review
Tomket Snow Road 3 review

The material of manufacture is a durable high-quality rubber compound with a large amount of silica. The tire has good grip with the road surface, is resistant to mechanical damage and wear resistance. Grip on dry, wet, snowy and icy roads is also ensured by effective drainage. The drainage system is formed by four longitudinal wide grooves and narrower transverse grooves that quickly evacuate water, liquid mud and slush from the contact patch area. Thanks to this, the car is stable even at high speeds and during sharp maneuvering.

The tread pattern is symmetrical non-directional. Central ribs (one solid and two block) provide reliable grip and directional stability. Reinforced shoulder areas with large blocks improve safety when cornering and braking.

Key Features of Tomket Snow Road 3

  • low risk of aquaplaning provided by a developed drainage network;
  • durable and reliable rubber compound with silica provides resistance to wear and mechanical damage;
  • high level of grip due to the special arrangement of the tread elements.

Tomket Snow Road Pro 3 review

Tomket Snow Road Pro 3 is a winter tire aimed at owners of cars belonging to the middle and elite class. The model provides a safe ride, low noise, as well as a long service life.

Tomket Snow Road Pro 3 review
Tomket Snow Road Pro 3 review

The asymmetric tread pattern combined with a developed sipe network provides a high level of grip, both on wet and icy roads. Three longitudinal ribs, the central of which has a monolithic structure, provide efficient passage of straight sections of the road, providing responsive control.

The lateral zones are divided into diagonally oriented blocks, which contribute to increased maneuverability in combination with a quick cleaning of the contact zone.

The tire is equipped with wide drainage channels with different directions. This structure contributes to the rapid evacuation of sludge and water, while maintaining traction.

One of the main components of the compound is silica, which retains the elasticity of rubber at different temperatures. And also increases resistance to mechanical damage, providing a long period of operation.

Key Features of Tomket Snow Road Pro 3

  • confident behavior on the winter road due to the asymmetric tread;
  • stability of exchange rate stability;
  • adaptation to temperature regimes;
  • long service life due to increased resistance to damage.

Tomket Snow Road SUV 3 review

The Tomket Snow Road SUV 3 tire is designed for use in the winter season on modern SUVs and all-wheel drive vehicles. This is a reliable tire for difficult conditions that performs well on dry and wet, snowy and icy road surfaces.

Asymmetric non-directional tread design provides excellent handling on ice and snow. Three central stiffeners, two of which are solid and one block, are responsible for tight contact of the tread with the road, allowing you to increase the level of road holding.

The shoulder areas are equipped with powerful blocks with high sipes, which allow the car to behave confidently when cornering, when maneuvering and braking. The tire has good handling, obeys the slightest movement of the steering wheel.

The tread has four wide circumferential grooves connected to a system of narrow grooves. They drain the tread well, quickly remove slush, snow and water, provide a high level of grip and good stability at high speeds and during sudden changes in direction of movement.

High silica rubber compound provides extra grip, good endurance and high mileage.

Main features of Tomket Snow Road SUV 3

  • good grip on winter roads due to the special tread pattern;
  • low risk of aquaplaning due to the developed drainage system;
  • long service life and high performance provided by the composition of the compound.

Tomket Snow Road Van 3 review

Tomket Snow Road Van 3 is a tire used on light trucks and vans in winter conditions. The model is distinguished by good stability on difficult road sections under extreme weather conditions, safety and comfort of movement.

The tire structure is strong and reinforced. It provides the product with durability and resistance to deformation under the most difficult driving conditions. A rubber compound with a unique composition, which contains silica in a high concentration, also contributes to a long service life. It gives the material strength, improves grip and traction characteristics, but does not affect the elasticity of rubber it remains even in severe frosts.

The tread design is symmetrical non-directional, two central and two shoulder ribs with large blocks provide high directional stability, good grip on snowy and icy roads. The lamella texture of the blocks ensures a snug fit of the tread to any bumps on the road.

The drainage system is formed by three wide annular channels and many small grooves that effectively remove moisture, dirt and snow from under the contact patch.

Key Features of Tomket Snow Road Van 3

  • the strengthened design of the tire and high-quality material of production allow to increase service life of a product significantly;
  • features of the tread structure provide high directional stability, controllability and maneuverability of the car;
  • a network of channels and grooves make the car resistant to hydroplaning.

Tomket Sport review

The Tomket Sport high-performance tire is a summer tire for powerful passenger cars. It has good handling on wet and dry roads when driving at high speeds, quickly and accurately responds to steering movements, and also brakes safely. Ideal for speed riders.

The tread pattern is asymmetric non-directional, has three central ribs solid with notches on one side, and two block ribs with curved sipes. The central part of the tread provides reliable grip on dry and wet roads, high handling and course stability when driving at high speed.

Three-dimensional tread blocks are placed in such a way that the level of traction is maximized and performance is increased. Blocks on the shoulder areas allow you to evenly distribute the load on the tires so that wear is slow and also uniform. Shoulder zones cause stable control during a sharp change in direction.

The drainage system is developed, includes four longitudinal channels and numerous transverse grooves that quickly evacuate water from the contact patch area.

Main features of Tomket Sport

  • the central part of the tread provides good grip and directional stability;
  • powerful blocks of shoulder zones correctly distribute the load and allow you to increase controllability;
  • system of channels and grooves reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

Tomket Sport 3 review

Summer tire Tomket Sport 3, despite its name, is designed for comfortable everyday use on any paved roads. It is characterized by increased stability at high speed, acoustic comfort, smooth running and increased mileage.

Tomket Sport 3 review
Tomket Sport 3 review

Most of the asymmetrical tread pattern is occupied by shoulder zones with blocks of increased rigidity. These elements allow you to quickly change the direction of movement, avoiding any problems with control over the car, as well as significantly reducing the uneven wear of the tire, increasing its mileage. Massive ribs in the central part provide stability and driving comfort in straight-line driving, reducing rolling resistance and, with it, fuel consumption.

Main features of Tomket Sport 3

  • rigid blocks along the edges provide sporty handling, prevent rapid wear of the tread;
  • massive ribs in the central part increase grip stability at high speed, reducing fuel consumption;
  • rubber compound with a high content of “silica” improves traction and grip properties in rainy conditions.

Tomket SUV review

Summer tire Tomket SUV is positioned by the manufacturer as a model for “energetic and at the same time safe driving.” It is characterized by stable grip and precise control at any speed regardless of weather conditions, as well as low noise and long service life.

The symmetrical tread pattern is distinguished by a large number of notches, which largely determine the confident behavior of the tire on wet surfaces. It is worth noting the use of a compound with a high content of “silica”, which in such conditions gives the tire elasticity, significantly enhances grip. Another important difference between the pattern is the increased rigidity of the rib in the middle and the shoulder blocks. These elements improve control accuracy and directional stability at high speeds.

Main features of Tomket SUV

  • high density of cutting of sipes improves grip on wet surfaces;
  • elastic and wear-resistant rubber compound with a high content of “silica” improves grip in rain conditions, increases tire mileage;
  • a rigid longitudinal rib in the middle and blocks along the edges of the tread give the tire stability and ease of control at high speed.

Tomket SUV 3 review

Summer tire Tomket SUV 3 is designed for long and comfortable operation on any paved roads. It is characterized by improved grip on wet surfaces, braking efficiency and ease of control at any speed, smooth running and increased mileage.

The asymmetric tread pattern is characterized by a dense arrangement of elements, as well as their high rigidity. On the one hand, this design provides good directional stability at high speed, and on the other hand, it increases wear resistance and reduces rolling resistance. All these properties are further enhanced by a variable curvature tread profile and a reinforced additional synthetic cord breaker.

Main features of Tomket SUV 3

  • improved handling at high speed due to the dense arrangement and rigidity of the tread pattern elements;
  • a special shape of the tread profile and a reinforced breaker increase directional stability in straight-line traffic, reduce wear and rolling resistance;
  • Silica-based rubber compound gives the tire elasticity on the pavement that is cold from the rain.

Tomket Van review

The Tomket Van economy class model is used on light trucks and minibuses during the summer season. The tire is characterized by high stability and safe braking on wet pavement, as well as a long service life and low noise level.

Three deep longitudinal channels instantly drain water from the contact patch area, which significantly reduces the risk of aquaplaning. Tread blocks in the central zone evenly distribute the load, due to which uneven wear is practically eliminated, and the tread itself wears out slowly. Also, the special design of the central part of the tread provides high course stability.

The shoulder blocks also help minimize uneven wear. J-shaped sipes dampen the vibrations emitted by the tire while driving, thereby reducing the noise level in the cabin.

Wide tread blocks as a whole allow avoiding deformation of the product when loading the car and sudden changes in direction of movement.

Key features of the Tomket Van

  • a special tread design allows you to correctly distribute the load throughout the tire to avoid uneven and rapid wear and extend the life of the tire;
  • developed drainage system improves traction and reduces the risk of aquaplaning;
  • the curved lamellas of the shoulder blocks absorb vibrations, due to which the overall noise level is reduced.

Tomket Van 3 review

The Tomket Van 3 summer tire has been designed to meet the needs of commercial vehicles on city roads and regional highways. It is distinguished by high mileage, fuel efficiency, acoustic comfort, high-speed grip stability.

The running part of the tire is made of a compound with a large amount of “silica” in the composition. This significantly enhances traction on cold rainy surfaces, providing reliable control in such conditions. The tread pattern is distinguished by closed shoulder zones, each of which is a powerful longitudinal rib, which extends in large part onto the sidewalls. This solution significantly improves directional stability, control accuracy at high speed, reduces wear and fuel consumption.

Tomket Van 3 Key Features

  • rubber compound with “silica” improves grip on wet surfaces;
  • optimized design of the shoulder areas provides directional stability and comfort of control at high speed, prevents uneven wear;
  • a large number of lamellas and blocks with elongated transverse edges increases traction and braking intensity on wet roads.

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