Toyota Rav4 Torque Specs: Engine, Chassis, GearBox, Brake

The Toyota RAV4 is a compact crossover SUV that has been popular among car owners for its versatility, fuel efficiency, and safety features. To ensure that the various components of the RAV4 perform at their best, it is important to tighten the bolts and nuts to the correct torque specifications. These specifications vary depending on the part, and proper tightening helps to prevent leaks, reduce noise, and extend the life of the components. This table provides the recommended torque specifications for various parts of the Toyota RAV4, including the engine, brakes, and front chassis. Whether you’re a mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, this information can help you get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Toyota rav4 Engine Torque specs

ComponentTorque (Nm)Notes
Valve cover (set)11
Spacer bolt16
Vacuum pump21
Camshaft bearing
– Bearing cap 2-510Tighten to failure in stages from the center to the edge.
– Bearing cap 121
– Hollow screw(s)17
Camshaft drive gear20
Camshaft position sensor9
Chain tensioner9
Camshaft drive chain guide rail21
Timing chain tensioner11
Timing cover
– Above21
– Outside23
Tensioner for aggregate belt20
Guide Roller – Aggregate Belt40
Minimum diameter of cylinder head bolts11.20mm
Bolts of fastening of a head of the block of cylinders
– For reusable screws, step 0150Tighten the bolts evenly in several steps.
– For reusable screws, step 0290°
– For reusable screws, step 0390°
– For reusable screws, step 0490°
– For new screws, Stage 0150Tighten the bolts evenly in several steps.
– For new screws, step 0290°
– For new screws, Step 0390°
– For new screws, Step 0490°
– For new screws, step 05loosen 90°
– For new screws, step 06loosen 90°
– For new screws, Step 0790°
– For new screws, step 0890°
– For new screws, Stage 0990°
Intake manifold23
An exhaust manifold47
– On the manifold60
Glow plugs12
High pressure fuel lines30
Fuel pump21
Fuel distributor pipe21
Crankshaft position sensor9
Coolant pump23
Crankshaft center screw300Use new screw(s).
Clutch drive19
Flywheel71Use new screw(s).
Oil drain screw(s)38
Oil sump11
Oil filter housing
– Oil filter cover40
– Oil filter drain plug13
Oil cooler11
Connecting rod bearing40 + 90°
Main bearing
– Center, screw(s)60 + 90°
– Outside, screw(s)18
– On the turbocharger25
Exhaust pipe43
Oxygen sensor44
Air conditioning compressor25
A/C compressor

Toyota rav4 front chassis Torque specs

ComponentTightening Torque (Nm)
Suspension strut (on the body)50 Nm
Suspension strut (on the swivel)240 Nm
Shock absorber piston rod47 Nm
Steering gear universal joint35 Nm
Front axle stabilizer bearing87 Nm
Steering gear138 Nm
Front axle rear lower wishbone233 Nm
Front Lower Wishbone Front Axle (using a special tool)175 Nm
Wheel mount103 Nm
Front wheel hub/bearing (Wheel bearing block, on steering knuckle)96 Nm
Tire pressure sensor(s)4 Nm
Tie rod head on steering knuckle49 Nm
Tie Rod End on Tie Rod (lock-nut)88 Nm
Front axle stabilizer bar on suspension strut74 Nm
Front axle stabilizer bar on stabilizer bar74 Nm
Front axle independent suspension hinge on the steering knuckle133 Nm
Front axle independent suspension pivot on the wishbone92 Nm

Toyota rav4 Brake Torque specs

ComponentTightening Torque (Nm)
Front disc brake caliper34 Nm
Rear disc brake caliper27 Nm
Rear disc brake caliper bracket88 Nm
Front disc brake caliper bracket107 Nm
Air valve8 Nm
Sensor-wheel speed9 Nm
Brake line14 Nm
Brake hose (hollow screw(s), on disc brake caliper)29 Nm

Toyota rav4 Chassis Torque specs

ComponentTightening Torque (Nm)
Rear axle stabilizer bearing60
Rear axle trailing arm (on the swivel)200
Rear axle trailing arm (with support bracket)150
Rear axle upper wishbone90
Rear lower wishbone rear axle suspension90
Front lower wishbone, rear axle (on the swivel)100
Front lower wishbone, rear axle (on the back bridge)90
Front lower wishbone, rear axle (lock-nut)56
Wheel mount103
Rear wheel hub/bearing (on steering knuckle)90
Tire pressure sensor(s)4
Rear axle stabilizer bar on suspension guide30
Rear axle stabilizer link on stabilizer bar74
Rear axle damper80

Toyota rav4 gearbox torque specs

ComponentTightening Torque (Nm)
Release cylinder12
Flange connection of the gearbox with the engine64
Flange connection of the transfer case on the gearbox69
Gearbox holder64 Nm (front) / 64 Nm (top) / 45 Nm (rear)
Drive shaft292 Nm (front axle, option 1, 30mm diameter) / 216 Nm (front axle, option 2, 26mm diameter) / 216 Nm (back bridge)
Cardan shaft35
Cardan shaft intermediate bearing37
Carving plug of an oil-filling opening of a transmission (Gearbox EA64F)39 Nm (Replace O-ring(s))
Carving stopper of an oil-filling opening of a distributing box39
Carving plug of control of level of oil level of differential39
Carving plug of an oil drain aperture of a transmission (Gearbox EA64F)39 Nm (Replace O-ring(s))
Differential Oil Drain Plug39
Carving plug of an oil drain opening of a distributing box39

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