Waterfall Tires Review: Top Waterfall Tires Features in 2024

We will be covering all the features of with Waterfall Tires review, including their materials, sizes, and durability. Additionally, we will also be providing our expert opinion on each tire to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right set of tires for your vehicle.

Waterfall Tires Review Top Waterfall Tires Features
Waterfall Tires Review

who makes waterfall tires?

The Waterfall brand belongs to the Turkish company Kolsan, which was founded in 2000. It “serves the tire industry” to the highest European standards by contract manufacturing for well-known brands such as Goodyear and Pirelli. Kolsan manufactures products of various standard sizes: for cars, buses, and trucks.

The brand is quite young, but supplies of products to Europe have already been established since the rubber complies with all European standards and has a number of ISO and OHSAS accreditations.

List of Waterfall Tires

Waterfall Summer tires

  • waterfall Eco Dynamic
  • waterfall LT-200
  • waterfall LT-300

Waterfall Winter tires

  • waterfall Eco Winter
  • waterfall Snow Hill 3

Other Waterfall Tires

  • waterfall Terra-X H/T
  • waterfall Quattro 4S
  • waterfall Snow Hill 2

Waterfall Eco Dynamic Review

Waterfall Eco Dynamic is a high-quality summer tire from a young Turkish brand specializing in budget-class tire products. The tires are made for a large number of passenger vehicles, there are standard sizes for cars with a landing diameter of disks in the range R13-R18. Thus, these wheels cover a huge number of cars, ranging from budget cars to vehicles with high dynamic abilities.

Waterfall Eco Dynamic Review
Waterfall Eco Dynamic Review

Tires are produced in a symmetrical form, without the direction of the sides. This design increases, first of all, stability and driving safety. Beveled tread blocks separated by a central balancing rib guarantee braking durability due to the directionality reversed to each other. Braking responses remain at the highest level for a long time, 10-15% longer than rubber in the same price category.

Features of Waterfall Eco Dynamic:

  • a tire cocktail of high-quality polymer additives, rubber of synthetic and natural origin, as well as emollient silicates;
  • inexpensive tires with high running characteristics;
  • huge size range;
  • excellent performance on wet road surfaces.

The medial rib of the tire has an increased density of the rubber compound, due to which the traction ability of the wheel increases. The balancing rib contributes to increased maneuverability and edge effect, especially on a flat asphalt surface. The central tread element has a continuous design, which has a positive effect on its wear. Wear is even, just like other elements of the tread design.

Waterfall Eco Dynamic tires are ecological products. This means that the geometry of the blocks, grooves and ribs of the tread pattern, as well as the compound, is created from clean recyclable materials. Also, these tires are able to save a certain amount of fuel due to the low frictional resistance of the rink (wheel).

Waterfall Eco Winter Review

Waterfall Eco Winter tires of radial type, which are designed for cars and trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. 

Waterfall Eco Winter Review
Waterfall Eco Winter Review

Waterfall Eco Winter Tires

Rubber is valued for high performance in all conditions. It meets European quality standards, which are confirmed by the available certificates. In the production of tires, modern equipment is used, which allows Kolsan to supply high-tech models to the market, which are designed for use in the winter.

One of the advantages of friction tires Waterfall Eco Winter is the use of a frost-resistant compound in production. Thanks to the verified natural and synthetic components, winter tires are characterized by resistance to wear and mechanical stress, and fast adaptation to low temperatures. This compound allows you to maintain the elasticity of the tires in any weather, which ensures comfortable handling and safe driving.

Reliable grip, powerful traction, and effective braking on snowy or icy road surfaces are guaranteed by a special tread design. Wide drainage channels ensure rapid removal of moisture from the contact patch, which contributes to high resistance to hydroplaning, slipping, skidding, and skidding on winter roads. For patency on difficult sections of the road in harsh winter conditions, a lot of lugs are responsible. The quality of grip on slippery surfaces is also enhanced by zigzag sipes, and a large central rib improves directional stability and response to steering commands.

Friction tires Waterfall Eco Winter proved to be excellent not only when driving in the city, where the streets are cleared of precipitation, but also on intercity, and country roads. The tires have strong sidewalls, but when driving, this does not negatively affect the acoustic comfort of passengers. On wet asphalt, it slows down without extraneous squeals. The use of such tires allows the driver to easily enter turns.

Main features of Waterfall Eco Winter tires 

Rubber Waterfall Eco Winter combines impeccable quality, safety on the winter road, quiet and comfortable ride. Users note economical fuel consumption, which was made possible thanks to the work of brand engineers to reduce rolling resistance. High resistance to wear, chemical, and mechanical influences confirm the long service life of tires.

Among the main advantages of choosing Waterfall Eco Winter tires,  car owners highlight the following points:

  • maximum performance in any conditions;
  • effective self-cleaning of tires due to an extensive drainage system;
  • traffic safety on winter roads;
  • effective braking on wet pavement;
  • low coefficient of rolling resistance;
  • long service life;
  • hydroplaning resistance;
  • excellent cross-country ability on snow drifts;
  • chemical resistance;
  • improved wet clutch technology;
  • comfortable and quiet movement;
  • well holds the road covered with a thin layer of ice or melting snow;
  • excellent response to steering commands;
  • high quality combined with an affordable price.

Waterfall Terra-X H/T SUV Review

Waterfall Terra-X H/T SUV is a Highway Terrain class summer tire designed for use on SUV class vehicles. New to the North American market in 2019.

The developers have provided tires Waterfall Terra-X H / T SUV with a tread pattern that easily adapts to any weather conditions. “One-piece” ribs and shoulder lugs improve directional stability and agility, while the five-pitch tread pattern improves wet traction and reduces noise levels.

Waterfall LT-200 Review

The Waterfall LT-200 is a summer light truck tire, the key features of which the manufacturer calls the stability of handling and the accuracy of reactions on wet surfaces, long mileage, and the ability to optimize fuel consumption.

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