Recommended Winter Tires Temperature Range in Celsius by Pro

Winter tires have sufficient elasticity, allowing you to maintain performance even at low temperatures. Even for them, you need to observe a certain winter tire temperature range. This ensures the safety and durability of the tire.

Let discuss winter tires temperature range in celsius.

winter tires temperature range celsius

The optimum operating temperature for winter tires is no more than +7°C, which is an indicator for the environment. At higher temperatures, overheating of the tire is possible, with a high degree of probability this will lead to the destruction of the tire.

The composition of the rubber compound from which winter tires are made contains a certain amount of oils that make it softer. It is the softness that allows you to achieve good grip in the cold.

The soft tire adheres well to the road surface, increasing the grip coefficient. In addition, such a tire warms up better, respectively, the point of optimal ratio of rubber temperature and grip is reached faster.

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How does temperature affect winter tire performance?

It must be taken into account that there is an external temperature and an internal one. Under the external means an indicator of the road and the environment, negative temperatures are typical for winter. The internal temperature is understood as the heating of the tire while driving.

Even at negative temperatures, the tire heats up to positive levels.

At a temperature of -30°C, the tire and the air in it warms up to +80°C, but only at high speed. If you drive at low speed in the city, the tire may not even warm up to positive values. Therefore, in winter, it is better to use suitable car tires that can perform their functions, even on short trips.

When heated, the tread becomes softer, more effectively engaging with the road. Velcro is more indicative in this regard, a wheel with spikes warms up more slowly, and such a dependence is not observed.

When considering the issue, it is necessary to take into account the accompanying factors. First of all, how fast is the car moving, and for how long. At a speed of 120-140 km / h, even in -30 ° C frost, the tire will warm up quite quickly, such an example has already been given above. But at a speed of 60 km / h, it will take about half an hour to warm up.

You also need to consider the type of tread.

  • European tires remove heat more efficiently, they can withstand high speeds better, and do not overheat.
  • Scandinavian tires have worse heat transfer. According to tests, they overheat more often.

In addition to the above, you need to remember that the car is moving, and the wheels are blown with cold air. This cools the tire. Accordingly, during the trip, the tire is additionally cooled, warming up is slower. It is very difficult to calculate this amendment, it has an impact.

  • Wind direction (tail, head, side).
  • Air temperature.
  • Precipitation.
  • Tire size. Clearance.

All of these factors cannot be taken into account accurately. This amendment is simply meant, but not calculated.

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Features of the operation of car tires at positive temperatures

The maximum heating temperature of a winter tire is 80°C. Heating up to 90 ° C is already considered critical, albeit briefly acceptable. In summer, tires are operated at temperatures of 100°C or slightly more. A winter tire that warms up will begin to break down.

The reason for this behavior is in the composition. The rubber compound is designed to maintain softness in frosty conditions. Heating up more than a certain norm, the rubber loses its structure.

In summer it is forbidden to use winter tires.


For winter tires temperature range includes negative temperatures. It is under such conditions that they show the best performance. Several factors influence the current temperature of the rubber. During operation in the warm season, the tire will overheat and quickly collapse.

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