Zeetex Tires Review: All Best Models with Features (2023)

Let discuss Zeetex tires review and features with models name and range.

In 1986, the Chinese tire company Zeetex began its work. The company also became a professional in the manufacture of lubricants and various synthetic additives for gasoline. The company quickly entered the global market and became a leader in the development and research of petroleum products. The company’s factories are located in countries such as China, Indonesia, and India. Initially, the company produced tires only for trucks and public transport, but at the beginning of the 90s, it gained its position in the production of tires for cars.

Zeetex tires are suitable for a variety of car models and are available in winter, summer, and off-season versions. As for the quality of rubber, it is not inferior even to the products of such world-famous companies as Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli, and Hankook.

All tires produced by the company are distinguished by high safety and driving comfort, quality, excellent performance, as well as their affordability. The combination of price and quality is the main advantage of tires. Zeetex tires are used in many countries and are very popular in Western Europe, Asian countries, and CIS countries.

zeetex tires review
zeetex tires review

Zeetex rubber won fans in Russia as well. It is chosen by many motorists who value quality and reliability, because the tires are perfect for the conditions of our area, unlike tires from other well-known manufacturers, whose products are created mainly for the roads of America and Europe. Pursuing a flexible pricing policy, Zeetex has created winter and summer tires that are perfectly suited to the operating conditions.

Zeetex Tires Model Range

Zeetex makes some of the best summer tires in the world. Everyone knows that wide-profile tires are usually used in summer. Zeetex summer tires are equipped with special water-repellent grooves in the tread pattern. This allows the rubber to maintain greater stability in rainy weather, which means increasing the safety of the driver and passengers. By the way, when developing a tread pattern, special computer technologies are used. This allows Zeetex tires to adapt to any weather conditions as much as possible.

Zeetex stands out from the competition with its winter tires. As you know, tires of a smaller profile in width are needed in winter. This is necessary for a tighter grip on the road. In some tire models, for even more grip, Zeetex uses a cross-section profile that is set at the same angle on the two sides of the axis of symmetry. This improves driving comfort and reduces fuel consumption. In addition, in winter, you should be wary of snow drifts. Especially to minimize the danger, Zeetex tires have special spikes and grooves. These recesses are called lamellae. The tire tread helps to expel mud and water from under the wheels, thanks to the longitudinal grooves.

What’s more, rubber is made from a special material that has a looser structure than summer tire material. The use of this material prevents freezing and icing of tires at low temperatures. Zeetex tires combine traction, handling, and comfort in one. They also help resist hydroplaning on wet and slushy roads. Thanks to them, the car retains high characteristics of behavior on the road.

List of Zeetex Tires Models

Here is table of all models of zeetex tires.

Zeetex Tires Models Range
HP2000 VFM
SU1000 VFM
Ice Plus S-1001
Ice Plus S-200
PC4000 4S VFM
Vigor A/Televen
WH1000 SUV
Z-Ice 1000
Z-Ice 1001-S2
Z-Ice 3000-S
Z-Ice 3000-S 4×4
table of Zeetex Tires Models

Zeetex HP2000 VFM Review

The Zeetex HP2000 VFM summer passenger tire has several features at once. The model belonging to the High-Performance category is included by the Chinese manufacturer in the VFM line, which contains tires with the most attractive price-quality ratio.

Zeetex HP2000 VFM Review
Zeetex HP2000 VFM Review

Low noise

The walls of the longitudinal drainage grooves in the central part of the tread contain numerous recesses. These elements prevent noise from high-speed air flowing, which has a positive effect on acoustic comfort, especially when driving at high speed.

Optimized shoulder block shape

Shoulder blocks have a rectangular shape and are located at such an angle relative to the direction of movement, which achieves maximum resistance to deformation under the influence of lateral acceleration forces. This greatly improves traction when maneuvering.

Key Features of the Zeetex HP2000 VFM Tire

  • low noise level due to special grooves on the walls of the longitudinal drainage grooves;
  • stability during maneuvering is ensured by the optimized shape and location of the shoulder blocks;
  • continuous longitudinal ribs in the center increase the contact patch, increase stability at high speed.

Zeetex HT1000 Review

The Zeetex HT1000 tire, positioned by the manufacturer as a model for installation on SUVs of various automakers, is designed for summer operation.

Zeetex HT1000 Review
Zeetex HT1000 Review

Tread pattern properties

The model developer applied various elements that significantly improved the main indicators of the tire. These include blocks of various shapes that alternate in the tread. This made it possible to improve noise performance, increasing driving comfort. The presence of wavy sipes located both in the central and lateral zones improves traction properties, including on light off-road conditions. And the drawing is complemented by several wide channels with a developed grid of transverse drainage systems. Together, such a system effectively copes with hydroplaning, quickly draining the contact area with the roadway.


It contains polymer compounds, the task of which is to increase the service life. In addition, they improve tire contact with the road, providing the driver with responsive control.

The main features of the Zeetex HT1000 tire

  • the model is focused on owners of SUVs;
  • has a developed system of protection against hydroplaning;
  • is issued in the most popular standard sizes;
  • long service life is guaranteed by the specific composition of the compound.

Zeetex SU1000 VFM Review

The Zeetex SU1000 VFM summer tire is installed in SUVs and off-road vehicles that rarely drive off paved roads. It is under such conditions that the model demonstrates the greatest efficiency. This is expressed in the form of stability and precision in control at high speed, low noise and vibration levels.

The tread pattern features a closed design with increased dimensions and stiffness of the elements. Deformation-resistant longitudinal ribs and shoulder blocks provide precise control and directional stability at high speed, reducing rolling resistance. These properties are fully preserved on a wet surface. The tread contains wide drainage grooves that effectively prevent hydroplaning. Numerous transverse sipes allow you to decelerate and accelerate with high intensity even with insufficient grip on wet surfaces.

Main features of Zeetex SU1000 VFM

  • increased contact patch due to optimized tread profile;
  • rigid longitudinal ribs and shoulder blocks improve stability and ease of handling at high speed, reduce fuel consumption;
  • increased number of grooves and lamellas increase the efficiency of the tread on wet surfaces.

Zeetex Zt1000 Review

The Zeetex Zt1000 summer tire is one of the novelties of the well-known, primarily in Europe, Middle Eastern brand.

Zeetex Zt1000 Review
Zeetex Zt1000 Review

Increased resistance to uneven wear

The reduction in operating costs when using this tire is largely due to the long tread life. The blocks located in its shoulder zones have special lamellae. They provide them with a closer fit to the road surface, which, in turn, optimizes the distribution of external pressure over the contact patch.

Stable behavior at high speed

Three longitudinal ribs located in the central part of the tread have good resistance to deformation. Two of them, located closer to the inner side of the tread pattern, are distinguished by especially high rigidity. This feature not only enhances stability at high speed, but also improves control accuracy.

The main features of Zitex

  • special lamellas in blocks of shoulder zones increase service life;
  • three rigid longitudinal ribs in the center increase stability at high speed.

Zeetex WP1000-S Review

The Zeetex WP1000-S winter tire for passenger cars has been developed taking into account the climatic conditions of European countries with their specific “warm” winters. It is characterized by improved grip on wet and snowy roads.

The tread pattern has a directional symmetrical design with a V-shaped arrangement of drainage grooves. This reduces the risk of aquaplaning and slashplaning, ensuring reliable grip on wet roads or mixed water, snow and mud surfaces. Shoulder blocks contain narrow undulating slots. Their vertical walls have a “three-dimensional” profile, which limits the mobility of the elements, which increases traction and shortens the braking distance on slippery surfaces. The centrally located solid longitudinal rib improves directional stability and steering precision. Its sidewalls contain curved sipes that further enhance traction in deep snow.

Main features of Zeetex WP1000-S

  • low tendency to hydroplaning and slashplanning due to the V-shaped arrangement of the drainage elements;
  • 3D lamellas in the shoulder blocks improve traction on packed snow and ice;
  • a solid longitudinal rib in the center improves directional stability and control accuracy when driving at high speed.

Zeetex CT2000 Review

The Zeetex CT2000 summer tire is used in light commercial vehicles. The model appeared along with the recently announced VFM line, where the Chinese manufacturer included tires with the most attractive price-performance ratio. In addition to its low cost compared to its main competitors, this tire is characterized by a long service life, safety in difficult conditions and driving comfort.

Optimized tread profile

The shape of the tread profile is chosen so that the contact patch is rectangular and does not change under the influence of lateral acceleration forces. This ensures stable traction regardless of the driving mode.

Hydroplaning resistance

The tire tread contains three wide longitudinal drainage grooves in the center and a plurality of transverse channels. This is more than enough to effectively prevent hydroplaning.

The main features of the Zeetex CT2000 tire

  • optimized tread profile shape improves grip and increases service life;
  • resistance to aquaplaning thanks to three wide grooves in the central part;
  • the breaker strengthened by additional two cords provides high reliability.

Zeetex HP1000 Review

Zeetex HP1000 is a summer tire from a well-known Chinese manufacturer that combines reliability, maneuverability, safety, and low price.

Protector and its features

In this model, a non-directional asymmetric pattern was used, thanks to which it was possible to achieve high traction in both dry and wet road surfaces. To improve stability during rectilinear movement, several longitudinal blocks were located in the central part. Each of them has specially shaped notches that create additional engagement edges, improving not only braking properties, but also acting as a water outlet. The hydroprotection also includes four deep channels that carry out the main removal of water masses from the contact zone.

Compound and its features

The composition of rubber includes many polymers, as well as soot inclusions and silica. Thanks to this, the tire has improved grip, which has a positive effect on the efficiency of acceleration and braking of the vehicle. In addition, these components provide protection against premature wear, significantly extending the life of the tire.

Key Features of the Zeetex HP1000 Tire

  • it is intended for summer operation on cars;
  • has an asymmetric tread, which contributes to confident maneuvering and the passage of straight sections of the road;
  • the tire is equipped with effective protection against hydroplaning;
  • increased resource due to the use of special polymer components in the composition of the compound.

Zeetex HP101 Review

The Zeetex HP101 summer passenger tire from a well-known North American manufacturer is designed for powerful sports cars, as evidenced by the highest speed ratings assigned to this tire.

This tire belongs to the category of tires with the highest performance. The symmetrical directional V-shaped tread pattern of the tire features an exceptionally aggressive design, which indicates excellent tire performance even at very high speeds.

The Zeetex HP101 tread pattern consists of 3 central ribs and two shoulder zones. The rib, which is located in the very center of the tread, has no breaks throughout the tread. This solution made it possible to provide excellent indicators of directional stability, as well as significantly reduce the reaction time of the tire to even the slightest movement of the steering wheel. In addition, the central rib is provided with a wear indicator.

Two ribs adjacent to the central one are distinguished by their large width and the presence of many curved drainage channels. This shape is the most effective for increasing the rate of water removal from the tire contact patch. However, this solution only adds to the excellent resistance of the tire to hydroplaning, the main burden of which is assigned to four very wide and deep drainage grooves, which are located along the entire tread of the tire.

The design of the shoulder zones was also developed taking into account the specifics of high-speed movement. A distinctive feature of the shoulder areas of the tread is their large width, due to which excellent grip is provided not only in straight-line traffic, but also in high-speed cornering.

Distinctive features of Zeetex HP101 tire

  • Excellent grip both when driving, both on dry and very wet roads, thanks to the original aggressive V-shaped pattern;
  • Exceptional resistance to aquaplaning, ensured by high efficiency of water removal from the contact patch;
  • Excellent responsiveness and high directional stability, thanks to a single wide rib located in the center of the tread.

Zeetex HP102 Review

The Zeetex HP102 summer tire is aimed at owners of the most powerful versions of compact and medium-sized passenger cars. Its design is adapted to long-term high-speed driving, in which the tire demonstrates perfect handling and reliable grip.

Stability at any speed

The central part of the tread contains three wide longitudinal ribs. These elements are made solid, thanks to which the tire is distinguished by directional stability and control efficiency at any speed.

Short stopping distance

The shoulder areas of the tread, on the other hand, are characterized by an open design. The blocks forming them have a narrow rectangular shape and a transverse arrangement. This significantly improves the efficiency of the tire when decelerating, especially on wet surfaces.

Main features of Zeetex HP102 tire

  • three solid ribs in the center guarantee stability and transparent feedback in all situations;
  • shoulder blocks of a narrow rectangular shape prevent slipping in corners and when braking;
  • Volumetric drainage grooves minimize the risk of aquaplaning even at high speed.

Zeetex HP202 Review

Summer tire Zeetex HP202 is designed for SUVs and crossovers, most of which are used on paved roads. Belonging to the High Terrain category, the model demonstrates reliable grip, high braking efficiency, resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage.

Improved wet grip

A distinctive feature of the design of the tire tread pattern is the increased content of elements that perform a water-removing function. First of all, these are drainage grooves, the longitudinal ones of which have a large volume. The transverse channels adjacent to them are located at an angle, which significantly increases their throughput and, at the same time, resistance to aquaplaning.

Stability in all conditions

More than half of the tread area is occupied by shoulder blocks and a solid longitudinal rib in the center. These elements are highly resistant to deformation, which makes itself felt in the form of stable behavior during rectilinear movement and maneuvering.

Main features of Zeetex HP202

  • high stability due to the rigidity of the shoulder blocks and the central longitudinal rib;
  • reliable contact with the water-covered road is ensured by wide drainage grooves and their optimized location;
  • compound with a high content of silica improves grip on wet surfaces, gives the tread high resistance to abrasion.

Zeetex Ice-Plus S-100 Review

Scope of the Zeetex Ice-Plus S-100 winter tire is small cars. The model provides safety when driving on slippery surfaces from water, snow and ice, demonstrating reliable grip and handling.

Sawtooth block edges

The transverse edges of the tread blocks have a sawtooth shape. It enhances traction, especially on snow.

Reinforced shoulder blocks

Wide blocks are located along the edges of the tread. Their massive dimensions and trapezoidal profile in the lateral projection significantly improve stability when maneuvering, and in addition, reduce the length of the braking distance.

Improved performance on snow and ice

The tire tread contains a plurality of sipes. They form numerous coupling edges. Their efficiency is further enhanced by the sawtooth shape. It not only enhances traction, but also, by limiting the mobility of the blocks, improves handling on slippery surfaces.

The main features of the tire Zeetex Ice-Plus S-100

  • blocks with sawtooth edges improve the longitudinal traction properties;
  • rigid shoulder blocks provide confident behavior in corners, reduce the braking distance;
  • lamellas improve grip on ice, forming numerous sharp edges.

Zeetex PC4000 4S VFM Review

The Zeetex PC4000 4S VFM all season tire is designed for compact and mid-size passenger cars. Differs in stability of coupling properties, irrespective of characteristics of a road surface, long service life, comfortable silent and soft course.

The tread pattern has a high density of elements, and its profile is optimized, which together gives a significant increase in the contact patch and gives it a rectangular shape. As a result, traction and handling on dry surfaces are improved, and wear unevenness is reduced. Another feature is the presence of numerous lamellae. Transverse zigzag slots are designed to ensure efficient transmission of traction and braking forces to the road surface, primarily with a minimum coefficient of adhesion.

Main features of Zeetex PC4000 4S VFM

  • increased contact patch and its rectangular shape improve grip and handling;
  • transverse sipes allow intensive acceleration and deceleration on any slippery surface;
  • “bridges” between the shoulder blocks increase stability and control accuracy, especially during dynamic maneuvering.

Zeetex SU1000 Review

Summer tire Zeetex SU1000 is designed for crossovers and SUVs. Belongs to the High Terrain category, being designed for use on paved roads.

Low noise

The walls of the drainage grooves have vertical protrusions. They prevent noise from passing through them at a high speed of air flow. This significantly improves acoustic comfort.

Stability and efficiency when braking

Shoulder blocks have a large width and are interconnected by rigid bridges that limit their mobility. This significantly improves directional stability, reduces braking distances, especially on wet surfaces, and also increases cornering grip.

The main features of the tire Zeetex SU1000

  • triangular protrusions on the walls of the drainage grooves reduce noise;
  • wide shoulder blocks with rigid bridges between them improve stability, prevent side slips, reduce braking distance;
  • elastic upper tread layer gives the tire a soft ride;
  • S-shaped sipes in the central longitudinal rib improve traction on wet surfaces.

Zeetex Vigor A/T Review

The key feature of the Zeetex Vigor A/T tire is its wide range of applications. It is suitable for installation on SUVs, pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles. In addition, it is worth noting that the model belongs to the All Terrain category. It demonstrates increased efficiency on any type of road surface.

Reinforced breaker

The breaker has a reinforced design. It includes an additional cord, a steel tape is located under the central part of the tread. This component improves handling while maintaining high ride comfort.

Multifunctional shoulder blocks

Shoulder blocks improve several properties at once. Their rigidity and high height provide reliable grip when maneuvering and overcoming areas of soil with reduced bearing capacity. In addition, they have special slots. With their help, the length of the braking distance is reduced, controllability is improved and wear is reduced.

Main features of Zeetex Vigor A/T tire

  • steel belt in the breaker improves handling and stability at high speed;
  • rigid and high shoulder blocks with sipes provide confident off-road behavior, reduce wear, and shorten the braking distance on wet surfaces;
  • acoustic comfort due to the location of the tread blocks with an offset relative to each other.

Zeetex WH1000 Review

The Zeetex WH1000 winter tire is suitable for most popular passenger cars. This model is available in dozens of sizes with a diameter of 16 to 19 inches. The marking of a significant part of the variants contains the abbreviation XL, which indicates the increased load-bearing capacity of the tire. It features reliable grip and handling under adverse weather conditions, high efficiency when braking on slippery surfaces.

The tread pattern is made in an asymmetric design divided into several functional areas. The outer side provides stability and reliable control over the car when maneuvering. In turn, the central rib increases stability in straight-line motion. The inner side, studded with small blocks, provides efficiency during overclocking. Grip properties on slippery surfaces are enhanced by thousands of wavy sipes located a few millimeters apart.

Main features of Zeetex WH1000

  • asymmetric tread is effective under any road conditions;
  • several thousand wavy sipes enhance grip on slippery surfaces;
  • numerous small blocks on the inside prevent slipping during acceleration on snow.

Zeetex WH1000 SUV Review

The Zeetex WH1000 SUV winter tire is used in SUVs and crossovers. Designed for countries with so-called “European” winters. Shows the greatest efficiency on wet and slightly snowy roads. In such conditions, it is characterized by resistance to aquaplaning and slashplaning, stability of traction and precise control.

The tread pattern is made asymmetrical with division into two functional zones. The outer part is characterized by large dimensions and rigidity of the elements, due to which good directional stability and precision in steering at high speed and when maneuvering are achieved. In turn, the inner side contains many small blocks arranged in groups. This improves traction on slippery surfaces, allowing intensive acceleration and deceleration in such conditions. The tire’s ability to effectively grip the road in such conditions is also ensured by several thousand sine-shaped sipes.

Main features of Zeetex WH1000 SUV

  • asymmetric tread pattern is effective under any road conditions;
  • several thousand additional edges formed by the lamellas provide reliable grip on packed snow;
  • optimized tread profile increases the contact patch, prevents wear.

Zeetex WH1000-S Review

Winter tire Zeetex WH1000-S is designed for the most dynamic versions of passenger cars. It is characterized by improved traction on snow and ice, directional stability and precise control at high speeds.

The tread pattern with an asymmetrical arrangement of elements is divided into three functional sections. The outer shoulder zone, containing massive blocks deployed across, provides stability when maneuvering, reduces the length of the braking distance. The central part with a continuous longitudinal rib improves directional stability and control accuracy when driving in a straight line, and reduces rolling resistance. In turn, the inner shoulder area with a large number of small blocks increases longitudinal grip on snow. Efficiency on ice is provided by numerous “three-dimensional” sipes.

Main features of Zeetex WH1000-S

  • asymmetric tread pattern provides reliable grip properties in any conditions;
  • self-locking 3D sipes improve handling on snow and ice;
  • a solid rib in the central part with straight and curved slots ensures directional stability at high speeds.

Zeetex WP1000 Review

The Zeetex WP1000 winter tire is designed for compact passenger cars. It is distinguished by resistance to side slips, efficient braking on slippery surfaces, and stable predictable handling.

The V-shaped tread pattern is characterized by an increased number of drainage grooves. The most voluminous ones are located longitudinally in the central part, and the transverse ones differ in inclination relative to the direction of movement. As a result, grip remains stable under the most adverse road conditions. Another feature is the presence of 3D-lamellae. In the contact zone, they form hundreds of sharp and high edges, with which the tire clings perfectly to the most slippery surfaces. On packed snow, this ability is enhanced by special zigzag grooves.

Main features of Zeetex WP1000

  • directional tread pattern with an increased number of drainage grooves;
  • 3D sipes provide efficiency in longitudinal accelerations;
  • zigzag grooves in the shoulder areas enhance traction on packed snow;
  • a continuous longitudinal rib with slits provides reliable control over the trajectory of movement.

Zeetex WQ1000 Review

The Zeetex WQ1000 winter tire is designed for SUV class vehicles. Has a design designed for their high center of gravity and the weight of an all-wheel drive transmission. It is characterized by a low tendency to aquaplaning and slashplanning, good grip on any winter roads, and resistance to side drift.

The tread pattern is made in a symmetrical directional design with a V-shaped arrangement of drainage grooves. The tilt and direction against the movement allow the rotation of the wheel to drain water and its mixture with snow, which greatly intensifies this process, increasing resistance to aquaplaning and slashplaning. The side walls of the shoulder blocks contain special cutting edges. They enhance traction in the snow. The wide solid rib in the center improves directional stability and control efficiency, and the sipes retain these properties on slippery surfaces.

Main features of Zeetex WQ1000

  • a reinforced frame and a rigid breaker provide crossovers with car handling;
  • cutting edges on the side walls of the shoulder blocks improve grip on snow;
  • a solid longitudinal rib in the center with slits ensures stability and efficiency of control.

Zeetex WV1000 Review

The Zeetex WV1000 winter tire is used on light commercial vehicles. It is characterized by excellent handling and grip on slippery surfaces, long service life and pronounced fuel-saving properties.

The running part of the tread has an almost flat profile. This expands the contact patch, giving it an almost square shape. This solution enhances grip, makes the tire’s behavior during maneuvering reliable and predictable, and in addition, reduces the rate of tread wear. In turn, the tread pattern is distinguished by an unusual shape of blocks in the central part. The triangular elements are arranged in pairs and form numerous and multidirectional coupling edges. In addition to them, in the central part there are three wide drainage grooves that effectively fight both aquaplaning and slashplaning.

Main features of Zeetex WV1000

  • an almost flat tread profile increases the area in contact with the road, optimizing the load distribution on it;
  • original triangular blocks in the central part enhance grip on slippery surfaces;
  • three wide drainage grooves in the center reduce the risk of aquaplaning and slashplanning.

Zeetex Z-Ice 1001-S Review

When creating the Zeetex Z-Ice 1001-S winter tire, the developers focused on the most progressive experience, in particular, their European colleagues, using the most successful technical solutions from their arsenal.

“Asterisks” in the places where the spikes are installed

In the “basic” version, this model is offered without spikes, but with the possibility of installing them. They literally catch the eye, thanks to their considerable size and the presence of a spectacular pattern. In addition to decoration, these elements perform a purely practical function crushing and removing the ice chips remaining after the contact of the spike with the road surface.

Zigzag rib in the center

Thanks to the original zigzag shape, the unbreakable rib running along the center of the tread performs several functions at once. First of all, this is an increase in control accuracy and directional stability, an improvement in longitudinal traction characteristics, as well as a decrease in rolling resistance.

Main features of Zeetex Z-Ice 1001-S

  • high density of lamellas in combination with the possibility of installing spikes improves grip on icy surfaces;
  • wide blocks in the shoulder areas and a rigid non-breaking rib in the center provide control accuracy, stability when maneuvering, and prevent uneven wear.

Zeetex Z-Ice 3000-S Review

The Zeetex Z-Ice 3000-S winter tire is distinguished not only by its attractive cost, but also by its high technical characteristics. This is largely due to the use of the letter Z in its design, which, in fact, explains the choice of this particular name for it.

Z-shaped drainage grooves

The tread pattern of this tire contains four longitudinal drainage grooves of the original Z-shape. This design gives them a wide functionality, in addition to the removal of water and snow masses from under the contact patch. First of all, this is an improvement in grip on snow, as well as an increase in acoustic comfort.

“Snowflakes” in the places where the spikes are installed

Although this model is offered in a non-studded version, its tread can be equipped with studs if necessary. Places for their installation are marked with a pattern in the form of a “snowflake”. This element has not only decorative, but also a purely practical application. Numerous lugs on the tread, crush and remove ice chips, which increases the tire’s performance on an icy road surface.

The main features of the tire Zeetex Z-Ice 3000-S

  • Z-shaped drainage grooves not only drain water, but also improve traction on snow;
  • Numerous lamellas and spikes (if installed) ensure confident behavior on icy roads.

Zeetex Z-Ice 3000-S 4×4 Review

Winter tire Zeetex Z-Ice 3000-S 4×4 is designed for crossovers and SUVs. The model is adapted for use on paved roads. If necessary, it can be equipped with spikes. On the protector there are places for their installation.

Original tread pattern

The tire tread features a non-trivial V-shaped design. It is formed by a complex configuration of massive blocks in the central part, forming long converging coupling edges. Some of them fall on a wide longitudinal rib running in the middle of the tread. The massive element is made solid, which ensures stable behavior at high speed and reduced rolling resistance. Side by side blocks improve longitudinal traction and cornering stability.

Main features of Zeetex Z-Ice 3000-S 4×4 tire

  • the original design of the V-shaped tread provides excellent performance on any winter surface;
  • places for installing spikes;
  • numerous sipes improve grip on ice;
  • massive shoulder blocks prevent slipping when maneuvering.

Zeetex Z-Ice2000C Review

Winter tire Zeetex Z-Ice2000C is designed for light commercial vehicles light trucks and minibuses. The model is characterized by high mileage before replacement, fuel efficiency and reliable grip under adverse road conditions.

Specially selected compound

The tire tread is made of a compound, the composition of which was selected taking into account the peculiarities of the operation of commercial vehicles in winter. It is distinguished by a high content of silica, which provides elasticity at low temperatures. In turn, special polymers give the tread increased resistance to abrasion.

Original arrangement of tread blocks

In many ways, reliable grip is due to the massiveness and location of the tread blocks. In the central part, they have a trapezoid shape and have an opposite direction from each other. This significantly improves both traction properties and resistance to side slips.

The main features of the tire Zeetex Z-Ice2000C

  • rubber compound, elastic at low temperatures and resistant to abrasion;
  • the opposite direction of the tread blocks in the central part improves the traction properties and directional stability;
  • zigzag sipes increase the efficiency of the tread on icy surfaces.

Zeetex Zt101 Review

Summer tire Zeetex Zt101 is widely used. The model is produced in several dozen sizes, which allows it to be used on almost any modern passenger car. In motion, it is characterized by improved traction on wet surfaces.

V-tread without central rib

The tire belongs to the so-called “rain” tires, characterized by high resistance to hydroplaning. It is provided largely due to the location of the longitudinal drainage groove exactly in the center of the tread. Water entering it is quickly discharged through a network of transverse channels. Their carrying capacity is significantly increased by the direction against the movement and the curved shape.

Improved grip in all conditions

The tread contains very wide blocks. Their curved shape and large width provide the tire with a lot of advantages. First of all, these are excellent grip properties during acceleration and braking. At the same time, the transverse arrangement guarantees high stability when manoeuvring.

The main features of the tire Zeetex Zt101

  • a wide drainage groove in the center reduces the risk of aquaplaning;
  • blocks from the center to the shoulder areas of the tread provide the tire with high efficiency during acceleration and braking, and prevent side slips;
  • optimized tread profile increases the contact patch.

Zeetex Zt102 Review

Summer tire Zeetex Zt102 is developed using advanced technologies. Most of them allowed to significantly reduce fuel consumption and noise level without compromising grip on wet surfaces, braking properties, also characteristic of this model.

Braking efficiency

With the exception of the central longitudinal rib, the entire tread is covered with narrow slots. They have a curved shape and are located transversely. Due to this, the edges formed by them significantly increase the longitudinal grip properties. When driving, this feature makes itself felt in the form of minimal tire slippage during acceleration and braking, especially on wet surfaces.

Stable behavior at high speed

The above-mentioned central longitudinal rib has a solid structure and massive dimensions. These features give it rigidity, which, in turn, makes the tire’s behavior during high-speed driving very stable, and its reactions to the driver’s actions fast and accurate.

The main features of the Zeetex Zt102 tire

  • shortened braking distance on wet surfaces;
  • stable behavior at high speed;
  • stability during maneuvering;
  • reduced noise level.

Zeetex ZT2000 Review

Summer tire Zeetex ZT2000 is positioned by the manufacturer as a model for compact cars. It is adapted for use in urban areas, demonstrating reliable grip and effective braking on wet surfaces, low noise level and durability.

Curved shoulder blocks

The shoulder blocks on the outer side of the asymmetric tread, in addition to their considerable width, are distinguished by a curved shape. It further enhances traction when maneuvering.

Improved wet grip

The design of the tread pattern is distinguished by the massiveness of the blocks that form it. Due to this, they have increased rigidity, which, on the one hand, improves handling and directional stability, and on the other hand, increases the life of the tire, increasing resistance to abrasion.

The main features of the Zeetex ZT2000 tire

  • multi-step arrangement of tread blocks provides acoustic comfort;
  • curved shoulder blocks on the outer side of the tread improve cornering stability;
  • massive tread elements provide directional stability and prevent premature wear.

Zeetex ZT8000 4S Review

All season tire Zeetex ZT8000 4S is designed for most compact and mid-size passenger cars. The model, universal in application, has all the characteristics that allow you to move safely, including on winter roads. It features improved traction and grip on snow, directional stability and precise control.

The tread pattern has a large number of V-shaped drainage grooves directed against the movement. This makes it possible to remove both water and its mixture with snow and road dirt from under the contact patch with a consistently high intensity. The high, sharp edges formed by the blocks ensure effective implementation of traction, especially on snow. Performance on icy surfaces is supported by numerous sipes. They form hundreds of sharp edges in the contact patch, with which the tire literally bites into the road surface.

Main features of Zeetex ZT8000 4S

  • dense arrangement of blocks in the central part improves grip and handling on dry surfaces;
  • elongated V-shaped edges of the blocks allow you to effectively implement traction on snow;
  • many lamellas provide safe movement on icy surfaces.

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