duro ATV Tires Review: Features of all Duro ATV tires For 2023

Today we are discussing Duro ATV tires reviews for 2023. ATV tires are essential for off-road enthusiasts who enjoy riding on challenging terrains, and Duro has been a trusted brand in the ATV tire industry for decades.

duro ATV Tires Review Features of all Duro ATV tires
Duro ATV Tires Review

In this post, we will be discussing the features of all Duro ATV tires, including the new models for 2023.

Duro Buffalo DI2010 Review

Duro Buffalo DI2010 tire for Utility ATVs. It is characterized by increased reliability and reinforced construction, represented by six layers. Thanks to this, the model can be used in extreme conditions.

Duro Buffalo DI2010 Review
Duro Buffalo DI2010 Review

An aggressive profile is responsible for grip and traction. The main tread elements have a diagonal symmetrical orientation. In addition to them, perpendicular blocks are located in the center. This structure allows you to increase productivity in both hard and loose soil, eliminating slippage.

The tire is able to withstand not only loads, but also mechanical stress, effectively resisting cuts and punctures. This factor has a positive effect on its service life.

Main features of Duro Buffalo DI2010

  • reinforced construction with six layers;
  • the possibility of operation on various types of soil and hard surfaces;
  • effective protection against mechanical impact and increased loads.

Duro Frontier Review

The Duro Frontier ATV tire is extra durable, so it can withstand increased loads. The model is based on a structure represented by six layers. This factor increases not only the carrying capacity, but also contributes to an increase in service life.

Duro Frontier Review
Duro Frontier Review

The tire is adapted for use on utility ATVs. It uses a special compound, which, to the extent of its softness, is able to withstand intense abrasive loads without rapid abrasion.

The tire tread has a directional structure. In its center are large blocks with a diagonal direction. In combination with massive sidewall elements, this makes it easy to overcome loose soils. The model is perfect for intensive use. Due to its durability, it is able to withstand more than one season.

Key Features:

  • long service life due to the multilayer structure;
  • increased cross-country ability on hard and soft soils;
  • minimal wear due to special additives in the compound.

Duro Power Grip V2 Review

Duro Power Grip V2 is a high quality ATV tire. The model is characterized by a long service life, good handling and low weight.

Manufactured using a multi-layer structure (6 layers), the tire is lightweight, resulting in minimal impact on the ground. In combination with the rounded profile and massive lugs, this provides increased off-road flotation.

Duro Power Grip V2 Review
Duro Power Grip V2 Review

Among the characteristics, a radial-type tread pattern can be distinguished, which improves the handling properties, making it more comfortable. Along with handling, the tire is distinguished by its protection against punctures and cuts. In this, the multi-layered tread, as well as the massiveness of the blocks, plays an important role.

The compound contains a package of additives that increase the resistance of rubber to abrasion. This results in a long service life.

Main Features of Duro Power Grip V2

  • improved control due to the design features of the tread;
  • protection from cuts and punctures, as well as abrasive wear;
  • extended service life;
  • increased patency on soils of various types due to massive lugs.

Duro Scorcher DI2019 Review

The Duro Scorcher DI2019 tire is geared towards sport ATV applications. This model is mounted on the front axle, providing reliable grip, good handling and dynamic performance.

Duro Scorcher DI2019 Review
Duro Scorcher DI2019 Review

The tread pattern is designed for driving on hard surfaces, such as asphalt, concrete, etc. The design is based on a four-layer nylon frame, which has a diagonal type. In the central zone there is a rib with V-shaped channels that quickly drain excess water and dirt. In this way, effective contact with the surface is achieved.

The model is made using a special compound with medium softness. This achieves good vibration absorption, but the rubber is not subject to intense abrasive wear. Therefore, the life of a tire is calculated over several seasons.

Main Features of Duro Scorcher DI2019

  • is established on a forward axis, providing sensitivity of management;
  • speed of self-cleaning due to the directional tread pattern with deep channels;
  • wear protection due to the multi-layer structure and the specificity of the compound.

Duro Scorcher DI2020 Review

The Duro Scorcher DI2020 tire is mounted on the rear axle of ATVs operating on hard surfaces. The model is characterized by excellent dynamism, controllability, reliability and performance.

Duro Scorcher DI2020 Review
Duro Scorcher DI2020 Review

The carcass of the tire is represented by a four-layer structure, in which diagonal winding is applied. Thanks to this, it was possible to achieve increased resistance to cuts and punctures, as well as to maintain a high level of rolling.

The contact patch of the model has a flat profile, which increases the contact area. Such a constructive solution made it possible to achieve maximum grip, excluding slippage.

The tire is designed for use on hard surfaces, mounted on sports ATVs. At the same time, it provides high speed, rapid removal of water from the contact zone (due to deep directional channels). Thus, the preservation of dynamic properties is achieved, which are equated to karting.

Main features of Duro Scorcher DI2020

  • installation on the rear axle of sports ATVs;
  • high maneuverability;
  • confident control at any speed;
  • fast drainage and protection against mechanical damage.

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